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Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East and is based out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 1985, Emirates’ main hub is located at Dubai International Airport and has flight services to over 80 countries, on 6 continents. Emirates is the operator of the world’s biggest fleets of Airbus A389s and Boeing 777s, which means unparalleled comfort and class for their passengers as their goal has always been “quality, not quantity.” Their awards record displays this commitment to excellence as in addition to their 4-star Airline Rating from Skytrax, in 2016 Emirates was named the World’s Best Airline by Skytrax. Emirates was awarded its 12th consecutive Best In-Flight Entertainment award by Skytrax in 2016 as well. The Emirates Group (the aviation company that manages Emirates), employs over 62 000 people, making Emirates airlines careers a choice for many people all over the world.

Emirates is 3rd for on-time arrivals in the Middle East with nearly 79% of their flights arriving on-time, and 21% of their flights experiencing an average of 40 minutes of delay. Emirates is also committed to environmental responsibility and sponsors a number of conservation projects, projects to reduce their waste and improve their sustainability, and airplane efficiency to minimize emissions from their fleet. Emirates ensures that no matter where your travels take you, they will be there to give you an unrivaled airline experience—that also strives to lessen their environmental impact—meaning you can sit back and enjoy your trip. Make sure that you get the best Emirates airline ticket prices and cheap international flights on your next booking by subscribing to Skyscanner’s Price Alert for your next travel destination.

Emirates is a major airline that has flight services all over the world. From their main hub at Dubai International Airport, here are some popular domestic and international flights that Emirates flies:

Emirates Flights To The Middle East:

  • Dubai to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia—3h 10mins, from $383 USD.
  • Dubai to Tehran, Iran—2h 35mins, from $647 USD.
  • Dubai to Amman, Jordan—3h 35mins, from $446 USD.
  • Dubai to Medina, Saudi Arabia—2h 55mins, from $549 USD.
  • Dubai to Cairo, Egypt—4h 10mins,from $696 USD.
  • Dubai to Beirut, Lebanon—4h 10mins, from $519 USD.
  • Dubai to Manama, Bahrain—1h 15mins, from $301 USD.
  • Dubai to Kuwait—1h 50min, from $228 USD.
  • Dubai to Muscat—Oman,1h 10mins, from $271 USD.
  • Dubai to Mashhad—Iran,2h 10mins, from $232 USD.

Emirates International Routes:

  • Dubai to London, England—8h, from $1325 USD.
  • Dubai to Toronto, Canada—14h 15mins, from $1586 USD.
  • Dubai to New York City, USA—14h 35mins, from $1377 USD.
  • Dubai to Paris, France—7h 35mins, from $1140 USD.
  • Dubai to Madrid, Spain—8h 10mins, from $952 USD.
  • Dubai to Rome, Italy—6h 40mins, from $862 USD.
  • Dubai to Moscow, Russia—5h 30mins, from $663 USD.
  • Dubai to Sydney, Australia—13h 45mins, from $2014 USD.
  • Dubai to Dhaka, Bangladesh—4h 25mins, from $380 USD.
  • Dubai to Beijing, China—7h 30mins, from $740 USD.

10 Major Airports/Hubs serviced by Emirates

Emirates has airline services to over 80 destinations across 6 continents, with services in many major airports. Here are ten major airports that Emirates services internationally and the corresponding terminal that you will find Emirates in.

  • Toronto, Canada; Toronto Pearson International Airport: Emirates is located in Terminal 1.
  • New York City, USA; John F. Kennedy International Airport: Emirates is located in Terminal 4.
  • Chicago, USA; O’Hare International Airport: Emirates is located in Terminal 5.
  • Madrid, Spain; Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport: Emirates is located in Terminal 4.
  • Rome, Italy; Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport: Emirates is located in Terminal 3.
  • Paris, France; Charles de Gaulle Airport: Emirates is located in Terminal 2C.
  • São Paulo, Brazil; São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport: Emirates is located in Terminal 3.
  • Tokyo, Japan; Narita International Airport: Emirates is located in Terminal 2.
  • London, England; London Heathrow International Airport: Emirates is located in Terminal 3.
  • Johannesburg, South Africa; O. R. Tambo International Airport: Emirates is located in Terminal A.

Types of Planes In Service for Emirates

Emirates boasts one of the newest and youngest airlines in the world and has a fantastic offering of aircrafts for its passengers. Currently, Emirates offers flights in Airbus models (A380-800, A319-100) and Boeing models (777-200, 777-300, 777-300ER, 777-8, 777-9) for a total of 239 aircraft in service. Emirates also has a total of 206 aircraft on order to replace older models in its fleet. Emirates Airbus A319-100 is part of the Emirates Executive fleet and the plane contains 10 suites for passengers looking for a flight experience like no other.

Why Fly With Emirates Airlines

Loyalty Programs, Discounts and Miles Promotions

Emirates has two loyalty options for its passengers, Emirates Skywards and also Emirates Business Rewards. While Emirates Skywards is open to all passengers, Emirates Business Rewards is a business-focused rewards program that is open to companies that have employees who frequently fly with Emirates.

With Emirates Skywards, passengers earn Tier Miles and Skywards Miles. Tier Miles give passengers access to exclusive benefits with Emirates while Skywards Miles are able to be redeemed for free rewards. Skywards Miles are able to be collected on both Emirates flights and by spending with Emirates partners while Tier Miles are only gained on flights you take with Emirates. Membership tiers for flying with Emirates start at Blue and work their way through Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with benefits starting at Blue tier. Depending on your Tier rank, you can receive exclusive benefits, such as in-flight bonuses, free seat selection, bonus Skyward Miles on Emirates flights, and priority check-in. No matter what your Tier Miles rank, if you’re flying with Emirates, you will be getting the best in what their Emirates rewards programs have to offer.

Skyward Miles are collected on every flight with Emirates (and with select partners) and can be redeemed for free flights, seat upgrades from Economy to Business Class, or Business Class to First Class, and also on hotel stays, or even tickets. You can even donate your Miles, with a wide variety of charities to choose from.

For Emirates Business Rewards, every time an employee flies with Emirates, travel points are accumulated (1 Business Reward Point for every 1 USD spent). These points add up to free extras, such as reward flights and upgrades. Though it’s not just businesses that benefit, frequent Emirates fliers are able to collect their own Skywards Miles on the same flights, ensuring that passenger and employer are getting the best flight benefits from Emirates.

Emirates also offers co-branded credit cards with select banks for its passengers to choose from. This means you can get travel rewards for everyday expenses. Check with your bank and see if you can start collecting with Emirates today.

How to Check In, Seat Assignment, Leg Room and Other Fees

With Emirates, airline ticket booking is simple and so is your Emirates check-in process. Passengers have many options for check-in to choose from—all at the tips of your fingers. When you’ve purchased your Emirates tickets, you can check-in online for your flight up to 48 hours before your flight and until 90 minutes before your departure. Alternatively, you can also check-in with your smartphone, but that’s not all. With the Emirates application, you can search for flight information, book flights, manage your Emirates airline ticket booking, download your boarding pass and also manage your Emirates Skywards account, all from your phone. The Emirates app also sends you real-time updates about your flight, your Emirates flight status, and any changes that may occur before your booking.

For your Emirates seat assignment, you can choose your seat right after booking your ticket, either through the Emirates online check-in on their website or through the mobile app. When flying Economy class, if you want to pre-book a seat before check-in, there is a seat selection fee depending on the seat type.

  • Regular Seats from $15—$35 USD
  • Preferred Seats from $25—$80 USD
  • Twin Seats from $35—$110 USD
  • Extra Legroom from $55—$135 USD

If you don’t wish to pay an extra fee, you can make use of Emirates complimentary seat selection at check-in, up to 48 hours before your flight. Passengers flying Emirates Business and Emirates First Class have access to free seat selection anytime they choose. Also, if you are an Emirates Skyward or Quantas Frequent Flyer, then you have access to free seat bonuses (from Silver Tier and above).

Baggage Allowance and Fees

When flying with Emirates, know that you are flying on an airline that has one of the most generous baggage allowances in the world. Though specific prices for baggage and Emirates’ baggage allowances will change depending on where you depart from and where you arrive, you can check as much baggage as you need for flights outside of the Americas, as long as it doesn’t exceed your total baggage weight allowance.

For destinations outside of the Americas, with Economy Class tickets:

  • Special tickets are allotted 20kg
  • Saver tickets are allotted 30kg
  • Flex tickets are allotted 30kg
  • Flex Plus tickets are allotted 35kg

For destinations outside of the Americas, with Business and First Class tickets:

  • Business Class tickets are allotted 40kg
  • First Class tickets are allotted 50kg

For flights with destinations in Canada, the USA, South America, and travel from Africa, different baggage rules apply.

  • For Economy Class, passengers are allotted two bags up to 24kg each.
  • For Business and First Class, passengers are allotted two bags up to 32kg each.

Regardless of your ticket class, baggage for flights with destinations in Canada, the USA, South America, and travel from Africa total dimensions for your luggage must not exceed 150cm, otherwise additional fees will apply. If your luggage has dimensions that are greater than 300cm, you will have to ship it as cargo.

Alternatively, if you know how much baggage you will be traveling with and its size, you can use Emirates online baggage allowance calculator to help you choose how much to bring and to see how much it will cost in extra fees.

Service On Board: In-flight Entertainment and Meals

With Emirates award-winning in-flight entertainment, no matter where in the world you are traveling, you will always enjoy the ride. On a select number of planes, Emirates offers ice TV Live, their sporting and live news television coverage that keeps you up to date—in real-time. With broadcasts from BBC World News, CNN International, CNBC, Sport 24 and more, you’ll never be out of the loop or miss your favorite sporting event. Ice also offers the latest in new Hollywood releases on Emirates flights, as well as TV offerings, music, and radio, and much more.

In addition to onboard entertainment, each passenger is able to take advantage of up to 20MB of free Wi-Fi, as long as it’s used within the first two hours of the flight. If more time is needed, then passengers are encouraged to purchase one of the onboard data plans (up to 150MB for $9.99 USD; up to 500MB for $15.99 USD). All Emirates Skywards members can enjoy discounts on data plans from Emirates, so be sure to sign up before you fly. If you’re traveling with the kids, then Emirates also has special entertainment options, especially for children. From new movies to TV shows, to kid’s music, games, and more your kids will never be bored when flying with Emirates.

Emirates flights are also equipped with external cameras, which means you can see some of the most spectacular vistas ever—all from the comfort of your Emirates seat. With either the forward facing or the bird's-eye camera (and tailfin camera on A380 aircraft), you’ll be able to explore as you fly.

Emirates doesn’t just offer meals on its flights, it offers a dining experience. With especially chosen wine selections, regional specialty dishes, a wonderfully stocked wine cellar, and meals made with fresh, delicious ingredients, you’ll wish you’d always flown with Emirates. Specific meal offerings depend on your flight time and destination, but even in Economy you’ll be well taken care of and food options are included with every ticket purchased. And with fun and healthy kid’s meals, even your kids will feel special on Emirates. Emirates also offers meals for those passengers who have specific dietary restrictions. Be sure to call Emirates at least 48 hours before your flight so you can ensure that you are given the meal option that best suits your needs.

Child Fares/Fees, Minor Service Guidelines

When your kids fly with Emirates, expect only the best. Emirates goes out of its way to make sure your children feel comfortable on their flights—even giving your kids a fuzzy friend to fly with, one of their Fly With Me Animals. Emirates also supplies kids packs, which have been made in conjunction with Lonely Planet Kids travel experts, to make sure your kids are having fun while they’re learning on Emirates’ flights.

On Emirates’ flights, children under the age of 2 do not require their own seat but are instead able to travel on the lap of a parent or guardian. For children over 2 years old, they will need to have their own seat, but you can purchase a child’s fare for them. Children under the age of 12 are charged a child’s fare, but children over the age of 12 are charged the price of an adult ticket. Baby bassinettes can also be requested, but make sure to give the airline at least 48 hours notice (the baby will also require its own seat in order to use the bassinet).

For children who are traveling alone, Emirates offers services for unaccompanied minors between the ages of 5 and 12. From the start, unaccompanied minors are given specialized treatment, with dedicated check-in and a host that will guide them to the cabin crew. Unaccompanied minors are also given priority boarding, so they can get comfortable in their seat fast. Unaccompanied minors also receive dedicated onboard care and will be given food and seating based on what you specify when booking your child’s ticket. There is an unaccompanied minor fee that will be charged during booking on Emirates, and generally unaccompanied minors are charged an adult fare price plus the unaccompanied minor fee as well.

Pet Policy

On Emirates flights, all animals must be transported as excess baggage and cannot travel in the cabin of the aircraft, except for falcons between Dubai and specific locations in Pakistan. Emirates also makes exceptions for guide dogs for the blind as long as the passenger gives Emirates at least 48 hours notice.

For all other animals, the fees are as follows:

  • If the animal and cage combined don’t exceed 23kg and 150cm the price is $500 USD.
  • If the animal and cage combined weigh between 24kg and 32kg and the dimensions are between 150cm and 300cm the price is $650 USD.
  • If the animal and the cage combined exceed 32kg and the dimensions are between 150cm and 300cm, then the fee is $800 USD.
  • If the cage dimensions are larger than 200cm, then the animal needs to be shipped as cargo.

Emirates asks that its passengers book and pay for their animal as checked baggage prior to their departure date. If you are traveling within the UAE, there are certain restrictions as to which animals are able to be transported by plane, so please contact Emirates prior to travel to ensure that your pet can safely travel on their flights. All animals that are traveling on Emirates flights must have a valid import permit (from your destination country) and a valid health certificate as well as their vaccination record. If your final destination is Dubai, then your animal must fly as cargo with Emirates SkyCargo. Prices range depending on your departure location and final destination for Emirates SkyCargo, so please be sure to contact Emirates prior to your flight, or get a quote from Emirates SkyCargo before you book your flight.


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