Cheap flights to Poland

Cheap Flights to Poland

The ideas that many people have of Poland come from World War- and communist-era images of gray, winters, lowrise buildings, military marches and people with faces lined by the hardships of life. A plan to visit Poland can often seem like a lesson in history, rather than an opportunity to spend a few wonderful vacation days.

While the Poland of those images does exist in parts of the capital Warsaw, it has nothing to do with the immense beauty of that city, or even the country, as a whole. After a quarter-century of rapid economic development, today, the cities, towns and villages of Poland are more likely to remind you of modern France or Germany, than the turbulent past that you've read about.

Poland, today, is a land of natural, poetic beauty -- serene lakes, perfect beaches, wonderful cuisine, urban and rural architecture straight out of children's books, and a deep and proud tradition that can only come from centuries of history.

If you've been planning an international vacation that takes you away from the mainstream tourist destinations, and if you're on a modest budget, Poland deserves consideration.

The best times to enjoy the best of Poland

February is a great time to visit. If you come right before Ash Wednesday, around Valentine's Day, you get to enjoy Poland's carnival season. Spring, around the month of May, is one of the happiest times to be in this lovely country if you're interested in hikes and a chance to see as much as possible of the country's natural splendor as possible. Spring is the time the countryside explodes in color, as hundreds of species of plants unique to this region go into bloom, and the light takes on a wonderful crystal quality.

In summer, everyone heads to the beaches of the Baltic coast, and temperatures stay a pleasant 25°C, the highest that they will often go. The hotels tend to be full and somewhat high-priced this time, but you can use Skyscanner to find deals, wherever they may lie.

Autumn is when the tourism season begins to wind down, and the hotel rooms become cheaper. It's a wonderful time to visit, however, because it's one believes they can to turn, and Poland becomes swathed in red and gold. It's the time when the country's cultural season begins. When winter starts shortly after, tourism of a different kind picks up -- everyone heads for the slopes for some skiing.

The treats that Poland has in store

From the country's natural beauty to its history, most of Poland's attractions lie in the southern half of the country. Thousands of tourists, both domestic and international, head to the perennially snowcapped Tatra mountains on the country's border with Slovakia for their wonderful, Alpine environment. The southern city of Krakow is often called the heart of Poland, holding the cultural and architectural wonders that Warsaw so appears to miss. To those who wish to take in the historic role of Poland in the War, the Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau is only a few miles away from the city. If you'd like to fly directly into Krakow, Skyscanner's search engine offers deals for flights, hotels and car rentals.

Northern Poland has its own attractions. Not only is this region home to the dramatic medieval towns of Malbork and Toruń, it is where thousands of outdoors enthusiasts descend for the natural wonders of the district of Mazury, a landscape that presents an endless system of natural rivers, streams and lakes.

Finally, for those who travel as much for the cuisines of new cultures as for the sights and activities, Poland certainly does offer wonderfully decadent tastes and flavors to carry back home and treasure. Everywhere you go in this fairytale land, you'll see examples of sweets like chrusciki, mazurka, sernik and makowiec, and sinful pleasures like placki ziemniaczane, oscypek grilled sheep's cheese and Polskie naleśniki ( a crepe stuffed with cheese and jam).

Poland certainly does have something for everyone.

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