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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, better known as KLM, is the national airline of the Netherlands. Founded in 1919, KLM is the oldest airline in the world that is still in operation under its original name. With its headquarters is in Amstelveen and its main hub of airline operations is at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, KLM services 30 million passengers annually and has passenger and cargo services to 145 destinations worldwide.

In 2004, KLM merged with Air France and, though both airlines retained their individual brands, the merger made them the largest airline group and significantly cut down operating costs for both companies. KLM is 1st in the world for on-time arrivals with a nearly 89% arrival time average and only 11% of their flights experiencing some delay (an average of 40 minutes). KLM is also dedicated to corporate social responsibility and has committed to finding ways to lessen their impact on the environment and actively promotes more sustainable aviation by contributing to reforestation projects and being the first airline in the world to make a transatlantic flight fueled by partly sustainable biofuels (the longest distance an aircraft had flown on biofuels).

KLM holds a 4-star Rating from Skytrax and KLM airlines reviews are generally favorable from customers. Be sure to get the best KLM ticket prices on your next flight and subscribe to Skyscanner’s Price Alert for your next destination.

KLM is a major airline that services destinations all over the world. Out of their main hub at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, here is the domestic flight they service and also some of the many international destinations that KLM flies:

KLM Domestic Routes

  • Amsterdam to Bonaire—10h 25mins, from $650 USD.

KLM International Routes

  • Barcelona, Spain—2h 10mins, from $117 USD.
  • Berlin, Germany—1h 20mins, from $117 USD.
  • Milan, Italy—1h 35mins, from $117 USD.
  • Copenhagen—Denmark, 1h 20mins, from $116 USD.
  • Gdansk, Poland—1h 45mins, from $129 USD.
  • Graz, Austria—1h 45mins, from $190 USD.
  • Istanbul, Turkey—3h 25mins, from $177 USD.
  • London, England—1h 10mins, from $110 USD.
  • Oslo, Norway—1h 45mins, from $117 USD.
  • Paris, France—1h 20mins, from $117 USD.

10 Major Airports/Hubs Serviced by KLM

KLM has airline services to 145 destinations around the world, with services in many major airports. Here are ten major airports that KLM services internationally.

  • Montreal, Canada; Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport: KLM is located in Terminal B.
  • New York City, USA; John F. Kennedy International Airport: KLM is located in Terminal 4.
  • Chicago, USA; O’Hare International Airport: KLM is located in Terminal 5
  • Madrid, Spain; Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport: KLM is located in Terminal 2.
  • Rome, Italy; Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport: KLM is located in Terminal 1.
  • Paris, France; Charles de Gaulle Airport: KLM is located in Terminal 2F.
  • São Paulo, Brazil; São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport: KLM is located in Terminal 3.
  • Tokyo, Japan; Narita International Airport: KLM is located in Terminal 1.
  • Berlin, Germany; Berlin Tegel Airport: KLM is located in Terminal D.
  • Johannesburg, South Africa; O. R. Tambo International Airport: KLM is located in Terminal A.

Types of Planes In Service for KLM

KLM’s diverse fleet sees 120 aircraft in service currently, including their cargo aircraft. KLM offers flights in both Airbus model aircraft (A330-200, A330-300), and Boeing model aircraft (737-700, 737-800, 737-900, 747-400, 747-400M,777-200ER, 787-9, 747-400ERF), with more Airbus models currently on order to replace older models of their aircrafts.

Why Fly With KLM Airlines

Loyalty Programs, Discounts and Miles Promotions

KLM Flying Blue, KLM’s exclusive rewards program, is a fantastic way to get more mileage out of your airline travel. You earn Award miles and Level miles whenever you fly with KLM, Air France, or any other airline partner and how many miles you earn depends on your class of ticket and the length of your journey. With every Level mile gained, you climb further up Flying Blue’s tier, with special bonuses being unlocked for each level progression. Flying Blue starts with the Ivory membership level, then Silver (Elite), Gold (Elite Plus), and Platinum (Elite Plus). With perks like bonus miles, priority check-in, seat discounts, and upgrades, it’s worth it to get into Flying Blue.

Awards miles can be redeemed for free flights on either KLM or Air France flights, or with other airline partners. You can also spend your Award miles on extra baggage, class upgrades for your seat, select menu options, more legroom for your seat, or on items in the Flying Blue Store during your flight. Or, if you’d rather, you can also spend your Flying Blue Awards miles on hotels, car rentals, gifts and much more with one of KLM’s partners. If you have a giving spirit, you can also donate your Award miles to an Air France charity—no matter what you choose, Flying Blue ensures you get the best value for your time and money.

To gain Award Miles even faster, think about getting KLM’s Flying Blue World Mastercard and using it for your everyday purchases. As you spend, the Award Miles collect, getting you that much closer to your special destination. With added bonuses like free insurance, annual loyalty miles, and price protection insurance, KLM’s Flying Blue World Mastercard will help you fulfill your travel dreams.

How to Check In, Seat Assignment, Leg Room and Other Fees

KLM check-in is simple as there are many options for their passengers to choose from. If you’d like to skip the line at the airport, KLM offers both online and mobile phone check-in services. You can either choose to check-in through KLM’s website or download KLM’s mobile application to your smartphone and check-in anywhere. You can also purchase tickets for KLM flights online or through your mobile app. With great KLM deals on flights, so be sure to check often for cheap KLM flights to your next destination. Online and through the mobile app, you can also choose your seat (and upgrade your seat if you require extra legroom or want a class upgrade), order a specific meal option (on intercontinental flights departing from Amsterdam), print your boarding passes or get an electronic boarding pass for your phone, or check-in your luggage. You are also able to check the KLM flight status through your app or online, to make sure you’re on time for your flight. You can check-in for your KLM flight up to 30 hours before your flight, with the cut-off being 1 hour before your scheduled departure time. KLM also offers airport check-in service at their dedicated self-service kiosks, though you will want to give yourself ample time in case of lines or delays. You can use the self-service kiosks up to one hour before your departure time.

If you choose a regular seat on a KLM flight, then there is no fee during check-in, however, if you need an upgrade or more legroom and wish to reserve a seat ahead of time, there is a fee for this service. Economy Comfort seats range in price from 12 USD to 190 USD. For seats with extra legroom, prices range from 24 USD to 107 USD. Preferred seats are an extra 36 USD. Make sure to plan ahead if you want a specific seat, otherwise, you are welcome to choose a regular seat for free upon check-in.

Baggage Allowance and Fees

KLM baggage allowance depends on where you start your journey from and where you finish. For passengers who are traveling on KLM Economy class and who are not members of Flying Blue or another Skyteam member are allowed hand baggage only on most European flights. 1 handbag with maximum dimensions of 55 x 25 x 35cm (including handle and wheels) is allotted to Economy class passengers and 2 pieces of hand baggage are allotted to KLM Business class. In addition, passengers are allowed to bring a personal item/accessory, in addition to their hand baggage allowance. Accessories include a small handbag, a briefcase, laptop, or another small item with maximum dimensions of 40 x 30x 15cm. The maximum weight for hand baggage is 12kg in Economy class and a max of 18kg in Business class.

For intercontinental flights, Economy passengers are allotted one check-in suitcase up to 23kg maximum weight. Passengers traveling Business class on intercontinental flights may take up to 2 suitcases with them, each with a weight maximum of 32kg and with maximum dimensions of 158cm.

For Flying Blue members who are at a Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership tier, and are flying Economy are allotted 1 free piece of baggage on all KLM flights (max of 23kg in weight). For Silver, Gold, or Platinum members who are flying Business class, they are allotted up to 3 suitcases (weight maximum 32kg, maximum dimensions of 158cm).

For customers who are wishing to bring extra baggage, a fee does apply and depends on your trip length and your departure/arrival points. Extra baggage costs start at $66 USD.

Service On Board: In-flight Entertainment and Meals

With lots of fun, must-see movies and music to choose from, flying with KLM has never been better. On many KLM flights, video and audio are available to passengers on demand through seatback personal screens. Or, if you prefer, you can use your own device and connect to KLM’s in-flight wifi (restricted to new Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 1 Boeing 777-300 aircraft at the moment). KLM also has its own entertainment app that can be downloaded to your personal device and navigated there. You are also able to use your own entertainment devices, such as smartphones, tablets, handheld games and more (provided they are switched into airplane mode before takeoff).

For kids, KLM has some special bonuses to keep everyone in the family happy. On select flights, KLM offers the latest in Hollywood releases, to classic favorites, TV shows for kids, CDs and even games, your kids will have more than enough to keep them happy and content while flying with KLM.

KLM goes the extra mile for its passengers—even Economy Class. On all of KLM’s intercontinental flights, passengers are given their choice of beverage early on in the flight and, before every meal, are given a warm towel to refresh themselves with and a small snack with nuts. After your snack, you are served the main meal (a choice between two meal options) and a desert. With a complimentary bread roll, butter, cheese and a beverage of your choice (coffee, tea, liquor), you’ll feel like you’re eating at home. Alternatively, if you have dietary restrictions or wish to choose your meal, KLM offers a select a la carte menu that can be ordered prior to your flight (at least 24 hours in advance, for a fee).

If your flight with KLM is a short one, then you always be offered a selection of drinks to choose from, and a snack (depending on the length of the flight). On Business class intercontinental flights, passengers are welcomed with either a glass of juice or champagne, with specialty meals that have been designed by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. You create your own dinner in Business Class—with many delicious options to choose from and wonderful beverage options as well. No matter how you choose to fly with KLM, you will be well taken care of.

Child Fares/Fees, Minor Service Guidelines

Flying on KLM with children is made easy by KLM’s child-friendly policies. Children who have not yet reached their second birthday are not required to have their own seat on the aircraft. These children may sit on the lap of a parent or guardian. Only one child per parent/guardian is allowed, and if one parent wishes to travel with two children, then an additional seat will need to be purchased for the second child. KLM must be notified that you will be flying with a child on your lap prior to the flight, so be sure to let KLM know within 24 hours of booking your ticket.

All children between the ages of 5 to 14 are able to travel without their parents/guardians, provided they make use of KLM’s mandatory unaccompanied minor service, which needs to be booked within 24 hours. The price for this service ranges depending on the destination of the child but is generally the price of an adult ticket and also a fee of between $120 USD to $360 USD. The cost of the unaccompanied minor fee is doubled on return flights. Children younger than 5 years of age are not able to take advantage of this offer. KLM only allows transfers for unaccompanied minors between Air France, KLM, and Delta Air flights. If you have any concerns, be sure to contact KLM prior to your child’s flight.

Parents must be sure that their children have all necessary documentation for travel (visas, passports) prior to check-in, otherwise, your child runs the risk of being unable to check-in for their flight.

Pet Policy

On KLM, passengers are welcome to take advantage of a variety of travel options for their pets. Small animals (dogs or cats) may travel in the cabin of most KLM flights within Europe in Economy and Business class provided that they are traveling with an appropriate pet bag. The maximum dimensions allowable for carryon pet luggage is 46 x 28 x 24cm (tall enough for your animal to be able to stand up fully). The maximum combined weight for your animal and its carrier is 8 kg total and the kennel must be able to fit fully under the seat in front of you. Your animal must ride in its carrier for the entirety of the flight.

KLM asks that all passengers traveling with pets make a reservation for their animal as soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours of booking the ticket). If it’s not possible for you to make a reservation within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket, or if you were unaware that your pet would be traveling with you, be sure to book your pet reservation at least 48 hours before your flight. KLM has limited cabin space for luggage, so book your pet reservation quickly so that you are assured a space for your pet. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on intercontinental KLM flights in Business class as there isn’t sufficient space for your animal to fly safely.

Alternatively, pets can also fly on KLM as both check-in baggage and by freight (with Air France-KLM Cargo). Your cat or dog is able to travel as check-in baggage provided that the maximum weight of your pet and its carrier doesn’t exceed 75 kg. KLM accepts a maximum of 3 pets per passenger for check-in luggage and passengers traveling with more than three animals must ship the extras as cargo. In order for your pet to travel as cargo, you need to ensure that you have a proper kennel for your animal, otherwise, your pet could be denied boarding. KLM specifies that your kennel must:

  • Be made of fiberglass or rigid plastic casing only.
  • If there are wheels, they must either be removable for storage or retractable and covered with plastic (so that your pet can be safely stowed).
  • The lock on your kennel must have a lock that opens from the center, with fastenings on both the top and the bottom of the kennel to hold it in place.
  • Both the hinges and the locking pins must be inside of the kennel by at least 1.6cm.
  • The kennel can only be joined together by bolts to ensure the safety of your pet. No other fastening systems are permissible to KLM.
  • Your pet must be able to stand up in the kennel and large enough for them to comfortably turn around and lay down.
  • You must ensure there is a blanket, newspaper or other absorbable material lining the kennel (straw is not allowed)

If your animal and its carrier weigh over 75kg, has a kennel larger than 292cm, is not traveling on the same flight as you are, or is traveling to a country that specifies that all animals must travel as freight, then you need to send your pet by with Air France-KLM Cargo. The cost of traveling with your pet depends on the length of the flight (and any stopovers) and also the final destination, but costs start from $66 USD. If you know where you are traveling to and from, you can use KLM’s online calculator for pet travel costs.

KLM reserves the right to deny travel to your pet, so be sure that you have the proper documentation and that your pet is able to travel either safely with you in the cabin, or that it qualifies for check-in baggage (some breeds are banned traveling as check-in baggage, such as animals who have respiratory issues or who are part of KLM’s restricted breeds).


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