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Hotels in Montreal

Montreal is one of Canada’s most important economic, cultural and historic places along with being an important transportation hub. This major city and has a wide selection of accommodation to keep all of it’s many visitors happy and comfortable. The purpose of your visit often determines where you end up staying in Montreal, whether you are attending one of many special festivals, seasonal events, or enjoying culinary tourism, historic architecture, or some outdoor sports and recreation. Montreal has everything from luxury hotels and upscale resorts to various hostels and some very impressive camping and RV sites.  

  • Luxury Accommodation. Plush hotels, complete with elaborate spas and salons, refined dining, and upscale dance clubs, are located throughout town. Some of the most luxurious hotels in the country are located in Montreal.
  • University Dorms. Montreal is also a college town, and the accommodations it offers the more academically inclined are numerous and open to everyone. These can range from conventional dorm rooms to family residences with multiple rooms.
  • Campsites and RV Parks. Of course, because this is still Canada, the best of the great outdoors is only minutes away, and you don’t even have to leave town. There are several available venues right on the St Lawrence River, even right downtown by the harbor.
  • Resorts. These are outside of the city, giving guests easy access to ski hills, hiking trails, lakes, and Quebec’s numerous waterways. You can find many resorts in the Laurentian Mountains, and some of the best skiing in the world.
  • Boutique Hotels. Montreal was doing small, trendy hotels with customized services and themes before it was cool. These are nestled in the downtown area or tucked into historic neighborhoods, integrated into historic buildings or as part of avant-garde new developments.

Tourism in Montreal

”Discover Your Montreal” advises the local tourism office, and it’s good advice considering you can fully customize your trip in Montreal to include virtually any activity.  Here are a few of the most popular and compelling suggestions.

  • Walking Tours. Montreal has several historic and scenic neighborhoods that you can see with a group or view on a self-guided tour. Get a close look at some dramatic stone facades and designs along with gardens, parks, and sculptures.
  • Bar Hopping. There are many different places to raise your glass in Montreal, and this is one way to experience a few of them. Choices include traditional European pubs, craft breweries, listening rooms, and disco clubs.
  • Independent Music. One facet of a thriving arts scene that defines Montreal, you can see internationally renowned artists live in dance halls, speakeasies, theaters, and a wide variety of other venues. Genres include jazz, ska, Latin music, and a lot more.