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Hotels in Vancouver

Canada’s biggest city on the west coast, Vancouver is one of North America’s major gateways to Asia, the Canadian interior, and the Arctic Circle. The region is served by no less than four international airports and two floatplane airports in addition to hosting massive cruise ship docks, numerous harbors for private boats, and several ferry terminals. Welcome to Lower Mainland, the nickname locals have given southwestern part of British Columbia dominated by the city of Vancouver.

Types of Hotels in Vancouver

Accommodation has evolved in the city to suit any kind of traveler regardless of budget. The city is big and busy enough to have every kind of lodging available, and Vancouver’s comprehensive public transportation system of buses and elevated trains makes the city and it’s attractions accessible no matter where you decide to stay.

  • Treehouses. The tall, heavy cedar trunks of the local temperate rainforest have inspired several types of creative dwellings. These range from swanky “glamping” in lofts to swaying peacefully in a small musical sphere.
  • Historic Inns and Taverns. These are tucked away in older neighborhoods near downtown, like the West End and Commercial Drive. They’re often on the second or third floor of a walk-up with a restaurant or bar on the main floor.
  • Five Stars. Vancouver has hosted some important global events, so the luxury hotels in town are designed to impress the whole world. The downtown core is lined with several avant-garde designs that have made the city famous for it’s glass and steel engineering prowess.
  • RV Parks and Campgrounds. The great outdoors is easily accessible in Vancouver, a huge factor in the high quality of life its residents enjoy. Park your RV or pitch your tent in the city and get a great view of the snowy mountains, or drive to the other side of the Georgia Straight and look down into the city.

Tourism in Vancouver

Vancouver has a global reputation for outdoor recreation, superb scenic views, and a stylish downtown core, but those are the easy answers. Vancouver has a culture that includes a few unique surprises.

  • Movie Sets. So many movies and television shows have been filmed in Vancouver that you can tour the locations and see the real sets for yourself.
  • Cannabis Culture. Vancouver became a hotbed of political activity in the 1990s, with places like the Hemp Block selling books, magazines, clothing, and other paraphernalia that was popular in the counterculture.
  • Foodie Adventures. From food trucks to fine dining, whether it’s fast food or farm to table, and no matter what international culture created it, you can find a restaurant in Vancouver that serves it.
  • PC Rooms. Not a simple internet cafe but a high-tech gaming room that includes top of the line computers running popular MMO and standalone games. These also include snack bars, lounge areas, and other games like pool tables.

Remember to take the seasons into consideration when visiting Vancouver. Summers are warm and sunny, attracting campers and boating enthusiasts. Winter sports are a big draw, while annual events like Cherry Blossom Time and the Winter Solstice celebrations also draw big crowds.