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Based out of Kelowna, British Columbia, Flair Airlines operates charter airline services and cargo services out of its hub at Edmonton International Airport. Flair Airlines has been operating since its founding in 2005. In addition, Flair Airlines operates low-cost passenger services out of its hubs at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, in Winnipeg, Manitoba and also out of the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport in Hamilton, Ontario. Flair Airlines is privately owned and is also authorized by Transport Canada to operate cargo services to Cuba and provides some passenger services on behalf of Cubana (Cubana de Aviación, one of Cuba’s national airlines). Flair Airlines prides itself on giving passengers access to main city hubs, without the stress of having to fly into major airports. By targeting key areas and providing services to airports that are close to, but not always in, major hubs, Flair Airlines passengers are able to get where they need to go, without the hassle of having to navigate a busy, major airport.

Recently, Flair Airlines expanded its service to Vancouver International Airport, in Vancouver, Canada, by adding non-stop flights between Kelowna and Vancouver, Edmonton and Vancouver, and will be continuing its service between Vancouver and Toronto, Ontario. Flair Airlines hopes to continue their growth and has the goal of helping 25 million passengers get where they need to be by 2020.

Make sure that you get the best Flair Airlines ticket prices and cheap international flights on your next booking by subscribing to Skyscanner’s Price Alert for your next travel destination. Flair Airlines is a regional airline carrier that has flight services to select destinations in Canada. From their main hub at the Edmonton International Airport, here are the domestic locations that Flair Airlines flies:

Flair Airlines Canada Domestic:

  • Edmonton, Alberta to Abbotsford, British Columbia—1h 35mins, from $441.
  • Edmonton, Alberta to Hamilton, Ontario—3h 35mins, from $796.
  • Edmonton, Alberta to Kelowna, British Columbia—1h 25mins, from $575.
  • Edmonton, Alberta to Toronto, Ontario—3h 40mins, from $USD.
  • Edmonton, Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia—1h 40mins, from $744.
  • Edmonton, Alberta to Winnipeg, Manitoba—1h 50m, from $470.

Airports/Hubs serviced by Flair

Flair Airlines has flight services all over Canada. Though they also offer charter and cargo services, Flair Airlines also operates low-cost passenger service out of its main hub at Edmonton International Airport in Edmonton, Alberta, and also from its hub at John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport in Hamilton, Ontario. Here are the airports in Canada that Flair Airlines has services to:

  • Toronto, Canada; Toronto Pearson International Airport: Flair Airlines is located in Terminal 3
  • Abbotsford, Canada; Abbotsford International Airport: Flair Airlines is located in the Main Terminal.
  • Edmonton, Canada; Edmonton International Airport: Flair Airlines is located in the Main Terminal.
  • Halifax, Canada; Stanfield International Airport: (Seasonal summer service to this location) Flair Airlines is located in the Main Terminal.
  • Hamilton, Canada; John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport: Flair Airlines is located in the Main Terminal.
  • Kelowna, Canada; Kelowna International Airport: Flair Airlines is located in the Main Terminal.
  • Vancouver, Canada; Vancouver International Airport: Flair Airlines is located in the Departures Terminal.
  • Winnipeg, Canada; Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport: Flair Airlines is located in the Main Terminal.

Types of Planes In Service for Flair Airlines

As Flair Airlines is a smaller, regional airline carrier, they have 6 total aircraft in their fleet, consisting of the same model of aircraft, Boeing 737-400 with a seating capacity of 156 passengers.

Why Fly With Flair Airlines

Loyalty Programs, Discounts and Miles Promotions

Currently, Flair Airlines does not have either a frequent flyer program or a loyalty program available for its passengers. Flair Airlines prides itself on being a low-cost airline, so passengers are able to benefit from their seat prices being low throughout the year. Passengers can check back with Skyscanner’s monthly search feature to determine which months are best for a trip with Flair Airlines and to help save even more money on fares. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Skyscanner’s Price Alert and take the hassle out of watching for flight sales—let Skyscanner do the legwork so you can sit back, relax and spend time planning for your vacation.

How to Check In, Seat Assignment, Leg Room, and Other Fees

Flair Airlines customers are able to check-in both online and in person at the airport. Check-in is available online from 24 hours up until 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure. During online check-in, you are able to make your seat selection (for a fee), purchase baggage allowance, and add any flight extras that you need. Once you have checked in online, if you need to make any changes to your reservation you need to call Flair Airlines’ call center directly and they can make the changes for you. Depending on when the change needs to be made, there may be a $125 CAD change fee. Passengers are also able to save money by checking-in online as there is a fee for checking-in at the airport with an agent. Be sure to either print your boarding pass at home (you’ll need access to a printer) or save your boarding pass to your mobile phone. If you choose to check-in at the airport the Flair Airlines check-in counter at the airport closes 1 hour prior to departure and you will be charged a small fee.

For customers who wish to select their seat prior to their flight with Flair Airlines, they can do so either during the ticket purchasing process or later by visiting Flair Airline’s website and logging into the My Trip option. There, depending on the ticket you purchased, you can choose a seat selection. Some selections will cost more than others and the fees for seat selection with Flair Airlines are as follows:

For seats in the front half of the airplane:

  • On Flair Airline’s Website: seat selection fees are between $15.75 CAD to $17.75 CAD.
  • During airport check-in: seat selection fees are between $21 CAD to $23 CAD.

For seats in an exit row:

  • On Flair Airline’s Website: seat selection fees are between $26.25 CAD to $28.75 CAD.
  • During airport check-in: seat selection fees are between $31.50 CAD to $34.50 CAD.

For seats in the rear half of the airplane:

  • On Flair Airline’s Website: seat selection fees are between $10.50 CAD to $11.50 CAD.
  • During airport check-in: seat selection fees are between $15.75 CAD to $17.25 CAD.

Customers wishing to save money on fares can either prepay for their seat prior to departure (up until 3 hours before their flight’s scheduled departure) or allow Flair Airlines to select a seat for them during check-in (either online or at the airport).

Flair Airlines passengers are also able to add additional services for their flights. By bundling extras, passengers are able to save money on extras like seat selection, baggage and more. Check Flair Airlines’ website for tips on how to save money with Flair for more details on how easy it is to save.

Baggage Allowance and Fees

As Flair Airlines is a low-cost airline provider, the less baggage you have on your flight with you, the more you stand to save. On all Flair Airlines flights, passengers are able to bring a personal item onboard with them for free. Personal items must be smaller than 15 x 33 x 43 cm (L x W x H) and be less than 10kg in total weight. For carry-on luggage, the prices depend on where and when you decide to pay for your luggage. The fees for carry-on luggage are as follows:

  • Prepay on Flair Airline’s website: $31.50 CAD to $34.50 CAD.
  • During airport check-in: $42 CAD to $46 CAD.
  • At the gate: $84 CAD to $92 CAD.

The maximum dimensions for carry-on luggage are 23 x 40 x 55 cm (L x W x H) and a maximum weight of 10kg. Customers are able to bring checked luggage with them as well and fees range depending on how much checked baggage you are taking with you and whether you prepay online. Flair Airlines wants to save you money, so be sure you pre-purchase your baggage allowance online before your departure in order to save money. Fees for your first bag range from $26.25 CAD all the way up to $80.50 CAD, so be sure to book online and save, especially if you are taking multiple bags with you. There are no charges for parents traveling with strollers, child restraint devices, or for passengers traveling with mobility devices (such as wheelchairs).

Service On Board: In-flight Entertainment and Meals

As Flair Airlines is predominantly a low-cost, regional airline, they don’t spend extra money on expensive entertainment systems for their planes and, instead, pass on their savings to their passengers in the form of low-fare tickets. Passengers are welcome to bring their own electronic entertainment devices onboard with them, just be sure that they fit within your carry-on baggage and are in airplane-safe mode prior to liftoff. WiFi is not currently available on Flair Airlines’ flights.

Flair Airlines offers a variety of food options during their flights. Snacks, as well as hot and cold beverages, are available for purchase during your flight. All food purchases must be made with a credit card as Flair Airlines is not able to take either cash or debit transactions during the flight. Prices for food range from between $3.50 CAD to $3.75 CAD per item. Customers are also able to bring on their own food options as well.

For any passengers who have food allergies, it is recommended that you bring your own food options as Flair Airlines cannot guarantee that their food options are allergen free and does not offer pre-purchase food options for special requests. Also be aware that if you have reactive allergies, you should have your medications on your person and readily available in case of an emergency.

Child Fares/Fees, Minor Service Guidelines

On Flair Airlines, children who have not yet reached their second birthday are not required to have their own seat and may, instead, travel on the lap of a parent or guardian (must be an adult who is 18 years of age or older) for no fee. Only one child is allowed per parent per lap, so if a parent is traveling with two children, a second seat must be purchased for the second child at a full fare. Birth certificates are required as identification for your infant and all children under 18 are required to fly with proper identification. If your second child is traveling with a child safety seat, you must notify Flair Airlines during the purchase of your ticket and the safety seat must be FMVSS approved (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards).

Only minors between the ages of 12 to 18 may fly unaccompanied on Flair Airlines, on non-stop flights only. Parents are responsible for notifying Flair Airlines that their child will be traveling alone during the ticketing process so that Flair Airlines can make proper arrangements for your child if necessary. For passengers requiring special assistance from Flair Airlines, be sure to contact the airline directly with your personal concerns/needs to ensure that your flight is able to be as seamless as possible. Flair Airlines Customer Service can be contacted at (204) 888-HELP (4357).

Pet Policy

Flair Airlines does allow pets to travel on their flights as long as owners comply with Flair Airline’s guidelines concerning traveling onboard with a pet. On Flair Airline flights, up to 4 total animals are allowed in the cabin of the aircraft at a time. Pets must be in a soft-sided, properly ventilated, leak-proof, airline approved travel carrier. The fee for bringing your pet onboard a Flair Airlines flight ranges from $78.75 to $86.25 (if you pre-book online). Contact Flair Airlines directly at their customer support desk (1-204-888-HELP (4357)) if you wish to travel with your pet to be certain that your animal will be able to travel with you. Generally, for regional flights within Canada, airlines do not require proof of vaccinations or health certificates, but it would be best to contact Flair Airlines directly to see whether you will be able to fly with your pet.

Service animals are allowed on Flair Airlines flights free of charge. Certified, professionally trained animals are able to accompany their owner on Flair Airlines flights provided the passengers has notified Flair Airline in advance of their departure. Service animals must rest below the seat in front of their owner and be properly harnessed. Contact Flair Airlines prior to your departure to ensure that your service animal will be able to travel properly with you.

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