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Great Value Destinations for you to Visit in Summer 2019

Looking for summer vacation ideas? Find the best time to book a ticket for your next trip with these best value destinations for summer 2019. Compared to the rest of the year, these cities are some of the best value routes on offer for cheap trips to book this summer. Look at our list below and find your dream destination.

Discover a new city with a smaller flight budget.

Skyscanner Canada has crunched all the numbers and flight prices for domestic and international travel from Canada for the months of June, July and August to bring you the best value summer vacation ideas. We compared flight prices in summer months to flight prices for the rest of 2019 and came up with several cities that you can book a cheap flight to this summer.

Yes – it is possible to find value flights during the summer! According to our data, sunny destinations fare better value in June, while destinations in the southern hemisphere are available for less in July and August.

lamp and seashells at the beach in Cancun Mexico
Best Value Destinations – Summer Vacation Ideas 2019 | Skyscanner Canada

Find the Best Time to Book Flights from Canada

When Is the Best Time to Book Flights?

Each destination will have a different best time to book flights for your vacation as flight prices can change with high seasons and special holidays – especially when we are talking about summer vacation ideas. However, in general, according to Skyscanner research, you should book your flight no later than seven weeks before your departure date.

If you’re not sure you’re getting the best flight deal, you can always set a Skyscanner price alert! This notifies you of any prices changes on a particular flight so you can book when you’re ready.

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When Is the Best Day to Book a Flight?

According to our research, Thursdays and weekend days are the worst days to book flights for a summer vacation. Thursdays tend to have markups due to increased search traffic. Weekends tend to be automated, meaning an automated software will adjust prices based on a few criteria.

For the best day to book the cheapest flights, Monday and Tuesday are ideal. If extra seats weren’t sold over the weekend, they might get discounted on Monday. These discounted airfares will often be posted Monday night, so it is best to book late Monday or early Tuesday for a cheap vacation.

Learn more about why flight prices always change.

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Best Value Destination for Summer 2019

The Angel of Independence Statue in Mexico City
Best Value Destinations – Summer Vacation Ideas 2019 | Skyscanner Canada

Flights to Mexico City, Mexico – Save 12% in June, 6% in July and 13% in August

The overall best value destination for summer this year goes to Mexico. As the biggest city in North America, there is a whole lot of appeal to spending your summer vacation in Mexico City. With over 150 museums, an artistic hub, an Old Town, rich culture and history, and ruins right in the main city – never mind the amazing day trips – Mexico City should be visited at least once in your life.

If the taco street vendors don’t make you fall in love with this city, then the Lucha Libre wrestling just might! Mexico City is also a great summer vacation destination for solo travellers.

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Best Value Destinations for June 2019

Start off the summer right with these value destinations in June.

view of Orlando Florida at night
Best Value Destinations – Summer Vacation Ideas 2019 | Skyscanner Canada

Flights to Orlando, Florida – Save 11% in June

If you’re a theme park lover, then we don’t have to convince you to put Orlando on your list of summer vacation ideas. If you’re not a theme park lover, don’t fret – there is still plenty to do in and around Orlando, Florida. Orlando has beautiful waterfront attractions, museums, parks and nature reserves, and quirky themed restaurants.

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Flights to Abbotsford, B.C. – Save 14% in June

You might not know too much about Abbotsford, but it is a charming town close to Vancouver in the Fraser River Valley. Abbotsford offers some fun activities if you like to enjoy a more relaxed pace on your summer vacation.

You can wander through the historic main street, stop by a brewery, go for a wine tasting, head to Cultus Lake, or spend some time at Castle Fun Park, a small amusement park. Plan a camping trip at the Golden Ears Provincial Park which has lots of beautiful hiking trails and three campgrounds.

Beyond having an amazing summer in Abbotsford, this flight can get you close to several other great summer vacation ideas like Vancouver (1-hour drive), Seattle (2.5-hour drive) and Portland (6-hour drive).

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chichen itza pyramids near Cancun, Mexico
Best Value Destinations for Summer 2019

Flights to Cancun, Mexico – Save 9% in June

If you’re looking for a beach vacation, Cancun is on our list of world’s best beaches. Beyond the white sand and clear blue waves, there are plenty of activities to spark some summer vacation ideas.

You can go snorkelling, swim in an underground river or explore the cenotes. You can head to downtown Cancun and visit the shopping area or participate in something more traditional like Temazcal ceremony. A visit to Cancun would not be complete without a trip to Chichen Itza, one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.

Other North American destinations that offer savings in June include Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Miami, Honolulu, Halifax, Vancouver, Quebec, Calgary and Havana. You can also get flight deals in June for international destinations like Barcelona, Rome, Bogota, Warsaw, Zagreb, Lisbon, Athens, Dublin, Lima, Bangkok and Tel Aviv.

Best Value Destinations for July 2019

As July is a super popular time for travelling, there are fewer savings to be had throughout this summer month. However, you can still snag cheap flights to certain great value destinations. You can also get some more summer vacation ideas with our list of 10 best places to travel in July.

victoria bc harbour at night
Best Value Destinations – Summer Vacation Ideas 2019 | Skyscanner Canada

Flights to Victoria, B.C. – Save 5% in July

We don’t think you can run out of things to do in Victoria. You can spend time in the Butchart Gardens, the Royal BC Museum, have tea at the Fairmont Empress, spend time around Inner Harbour, explore the Hatley Park National Historic Site or walk through Beacon Hill Park or Chinatown.

Don’t forget to taste some mouth-watering fish and chips to refuel after a busy day!

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Flights to Las Vegas, Nevada – Save 3% in July

Las Vegas is just one of those cities that every Canadian should consider visiting at least once.

Spend time on and off the Las Vegas Strip, watching some world-class concerts and performances, or partying at one of the many, many nightclubs. Eat at a top-rated restaurant, take a dip in an epic pool, go for a road trip to some epic gorgeous desert hikes, or get on one of the world’s best observation wheels. Whatever you want to do in Vegas, you can do in Vegas!

Best Value Destinations for August 2019

On top of our top three value flights listed, other summer vacation ideas that offer savings in August include Lima, Moscow, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Cancun, Moncton and Yellowknife.

ivew of Sydney opera house at night
Best Value Destinations – Summer Vacation Ideas 2019 | Skyscanner Canada

Flights to Sydney, Australia – Save 8% in August

Why not travel to the land down under as your summer vacation? Beyond climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and checking out the Opera House, there is a ton of fun to be had in this Australian city – especially if you enjoy a good cup of coffee or brunch (or both).

Outdoor picnics, underground nightlife, beaches, art galleries, and stunning ocean sunrises almost every day. Sydney also prides itself on its sustainability, its diversity and its pub food!

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Flights to Singapore – Save 7% in August

Food should be the main component of your trip to Singapore, especially at the hawker centres where you will eat some of the best food in the world for the lowest price. After checking out the picture-famous Gardens by the Bay and the Orchard Road shopping street, you should spend some time in one of the world’s best botanical gardens.

Even if you just use the Singapore airport as a starting point for another destination in Asia, you won’t be disappointed. Plan for a slightly longer layover, as the Changi airport is like no other airport.

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church in Bolivar square in Bogota, Colombia
Best Value Destinations – Summer Vacation Ideas 2019 | Skyscanner Canada

Flights to Bogotá, Colombia – Save 6% in August

Two things you just cannot miss in Bogotá are the Museo de Botero and the Cerro Monserrate. One gives you impeccable views of the city, while the other will have you admiring Botero, Dalí, Degas and Picasso paintings for free.

Make sure to spend some time wandering in La Candelaria area, which is Bogotá’s most historic neighbourhood, filled with colourful homes, shops and restaurants. From Bogotá, you can easily head to other parts of Colombia like Cali or Medellín, or hop on a flight to the Caribbean city of Cartagena.

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What to Pack for Summer Vacation

When you have your summer vacation ideas and are planning on where to go, make sure to check the weather! It might seem a bit silly to say, but “summer” doesn’t mean the same thing in every city. It can mean hot and humid or rainy and wet. Travelling in June, July and August can also mean you end up in the winter season in the southern hemisphere. Make sure to check the weather of your summer vacation destination to pack appropriately. Not all of the best places to travel in July are going to require swimsuits and shorts!

Before you pack for any trip, do some quick research on the local customs. For example, while Thailand is a warm destination, it is not in the culture to walk around in shorts and tank tops – despite what Instagram might tell you. Make sure to respect the country you are travelling to by doing some research on attire beforehand.

Some tips for packing:

Plan Your Trip with Local Skyscanner Tips

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