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Cheap Flight Deals Under $200!

Don’t miss out on your last chance to save on travel deals! Find and book from these flight deals under $200 today with deals picked out by Skyscanner every week.


Skyscanner travel experts are hand-picking the cheapest flight deals under $200. Whether you are looking for round-trip or one-way, domestic or international, these deals will help you explore the world on a budget. At Skyscanner, we only want to help you find the cheapest flights.

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*Prices are updated weekly. Prices are subject to availability at the time of booking. Bookmark this page so you never miss out on a great deal!

Departure City   Destination City   Estimated Price (CAD)
TorontoMontreal$136 Round-Trip
TorontoNew York City$125 One-Way
TorontoMiami$162 One-Way
MontrealToronto$137 Round-Trip
MontrealWashington D.C.$181 One-Way
HalifaxToronto$79 One-Way
OttawaNew York City$144 One-Way
VancouverCalgary$154 Round-Trip
VancouverLos Angeles$164 One-Way
CalgaryVancouver$134 Round-Trip
CalgaryHouston$175 One-Way

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More Travel Deals with Skyscanner

Now that you have access to cheap flights under $200, here are some more deals pages with even bigger savings from top airlines.

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Travel savings hacks: How to get the most out of Skyscanner

Why plan your next vacation from start to finish? We at Skyscanner want to help you find all the best flight deals. Besides cheap flight deals for the routes above, we have a number of different hacks and tools that will guarantee you big savings for your next trip.

1. Use Our ‘Whole Month‘ Search Tool

If you are in search of a last-minute flight deal that meets your budget needs, then you should be flexible. This could mean choosing flight times that correspond to quieter periods at airports. Skyscanner can help find that best time to fly with the MONTH SEARCH Tool.

2. Set up Price Alerts for the best time to book

Signing up for price alerts is another great way to book cheap last-minute deals to your preferred airport destination. Set up price alerts for these great weekly deals by following our step-by-step guide. Don’t forget – you can set up price alerts on our app and receive notifications as flight prices rise and fall.

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3. Do a Multi-Destination Search

Looking for more ways to save with Skyscanner’s search features? Check out how to search for multi-destination flights, with our Multi-City Search Tool so you can check off more than one destination during your trip, while still saving big time.

4. Try an ‘Everywhere’ Search

Search Skyscanner to find the best flight deal for your favourite itineraries! Enter your home airport, your ideal destination, or search “Everywhere” to save. Finding the cheapest flights to everywhere has never been easier! Use Skyscanner’s search control below and find your ideal travel deals to destinations around the world. 


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