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Best Beaches in the World For Your Winter Vacation

Dreaming of getting away from the harsh cold of the Canadian winter? We are too, and luckily some of the best beaches in the world are a direct flight away!

It’s starting to get to that time of year in Canada where a lot of us wish we could hibernate and wake up when the warm weather is back. Although there really is nothing like winter in Canada, sometimes it’s fun to escape the winter and head straight to the beach. Which beach, you ask? Read on for a list of some of the best beaches in the world that are just a direct-flight away! Head to one of these countries below to find your perfect beach. 


Best Beaches in the World: Nicaragua
Best Beaches in the World For Your Next Vacation

Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere (which means that your tourism dollars are genuinely valuable). And while it inches itself into the modern world, this country offers tourists a truly unique experience. If you’re looking for authentic adventures, tourism cooperatives offer some amazing tours of coffee plantations, classes on Nicaraguan cooking and tours of rural homesteads. And if you’re looking for the best beaches in the world, then look no further than Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is also home to some of the best surf in Central America. There are also plenty of outdoor adventures like the twin-volcano island of Ometepe and sea turtle nature reserves. And if you’re looking for relaxing beach time, there’s that too.

Best Beaches in Nicaragua

December is one of the best months to travel to Nicaragua. The rainy season is coming to an end, making it a great time to go on a hike in the rainforest and explore the country’s natural beauty. 

Montego Bay, Jamaica

best beaches in the world Montego Bay
Best Beaches in the World For Your Next Vacation

Jamaica is a popular destination for tourists because of its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and amazing weather. The city of Montego Bay is Jamaica’s second busiest location and a hub for international flights. It is both a hip city and a peaceful place to relax and explore!

There are plenty of excursions on the island of Jamaica, close to popular cities like Montego Bay, Negril, and Ocho Rios. If you’re interested in learning about the history of the area, you might want to check out Maroon village in the mountains of St. Elizabeth Parish. Also known as Accompong, this historic village is a settlement of the Maroon people. Originally from Africa, they escaped from slavery in Jamaica and fled to the countryside, forming a free community in remote regions of the country.  

Best Beaches in Montego Bay

For travellers on their honeymoon, Jamaica has adults-only hotel options like the popular Couples Swept Away. Located only an hour and a half drive from Montego Bay, this beachside resort is popular with honeymooners looking for beautiful beach views and nightlife. 

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Honolulu, Hawaii

Best Beaches in the World: Hawaii
Best Beaches in the World For Your Next Vacation

Calling all beach and island lovers! In Hawaii’s capital city of Honolulu, visitors can do anything from relaxing on the beach, take some surf lessons, or go on a hike and explore the culture of the island. Whatever kind of adventure you’re interested in, Honolulu can definitely provide it.

Honolulu is also an excellent family-friendly destination for your next holiday, with lots to see and do. If you’re a history buff you might want to check out Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial. For outdoor exploring, take the family on an excursion to Diamond Head Crater Hike or Manoa Falls.

Best Beaches in Honolulu

Honolulu has some of the best beaches in the world and is likely to give you sun any time of the year! The rainy season is from October to March, but there’s warm weather year-round on this string of tropical volcanic islands. Wondering which island in Hawaii is best for you? Check out our guide on the best islands to visit in Hawaii!

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Cancun, Mexico

Best Beaches in the World: Cancun
Best Beaches in the World For Your Next Vacation

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, Cancun is a hustling and bustling tourist destination that offers everything under the sun from shopping, great food, an active nightlife and beaches. Whether you want to explore history, take on a serious adventure, swim with the fishes or stretch out in the sun, you can do it all in Cancun.

For adventure travellers, Xplor Park – Cancun and Scuba Cancún might just be for you! If you’re specifically interested in exploring the underwater sea life you can add Wet ‘n Wild or Aquaworld. And if you’re interested in the history of the area Monumento a la Historia de México and Museo Maya de Cancun.

Best Beaches in Cancun


Panama best beaches in the world
Best Beaches in the World For Your Next Vacation

Panama is a great sunny vacation spot for beach lovers. Panama City is only a quick two-hour flight from Miami, and the developed infrastructure makes the more remote parts of the country fairly accessible. The currency is the U.S. dollar. When you’re not relaxing on the beach, you can take a hike through Boquete tree trek, shop at Seafood Market and view the art at Museo de Arte Religioso.

Best Beaches in Panama

Panama’s close proximity to the equator means that the temperature rarely fluctuates, meaning that it stays in the low 30s throughout the year. There is a rainy season between May and November, and the peak tourist season is between January and March.

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Saint Maarten

St Maarten best beaches in the world
Best Beaches in the World For Your Next Vacation

St. Maarten is known for its island vibe, excellent diving, lively nightlife and fantastic shopping. So if you’re looking for one or more of the above for your beach vacation, St. Maarten has you covered. It offers the perfect destination for beach and island lovers alike.

Visitors can sign up to snorkel or do a dive in some of St. Maarten’s turquoise waters with Octopus Dive and tour around on the open ocean with Robinson’s Speed Boat Tours, Excursions & Charters. The island is also a popular spot for windsurfing and offers some of the best experiences in the Caribbean on beaches like Orient Beach. And the white sand beaches of St. Maarten are the perfect spot to spend a few days (or more) lounging on the beach with a good book. 

Best Beaches in Saint Maarten

Temperature-wise the weather is always nice in St. Maarten, hovering in the high 20s and low 30s. The ideal time to visit is said to be between May and June due to the hotel and resort deals that are on.

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Best Beaches in the World For Your Next Vacation

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