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With evidence of civilization appearing as early as six millennia ago, the city of Larnaca is said to be the oldest city in Cyprus.

As with other coastal towns in southern Cyprus, Larnaca has both a medieval quarter at the center of the city, and a modern one with restaurants, shopping and the other attractions. Larnaca offers visitors the relaxed pace of life typical of warm Mediterranean beach towns. The Finikoudes, the vast promenade by the beach, represents the lifestyle very well. It is the center of life in the city, and attracts hundreds at all times for coffee, beer, or a stroll. With the warmth, the scent of great cooking and the beauty of the sea to look out at, it's a wonderful life to experience. People come to Larnaca for its wonderful atmosphere and for so much more.

The essentials: arriving at Larnaca

Canadians do not require a visa to enter Cyprus for stays under 90 days for tourism purposes. Once you do enter Cyprus, however, traveling to the northern region requires some documentation. Turkey occupies the northern half of Cyprus, and requires all visitors from the southern quarter to sign up for an entry document. It's easy to obtain, however.

Dozens of airlines serve Larnaca, including prominent ones from Europe, North America and Asia. Turkish Airlines, unsurprisingly, is missing from the list.

The months of April and May are the nicest times to visit. The weather is warm without being hot, and the spells of rain, when they come, tend to be short. Since summers can be excessively warm, the crowds tend to be thin, and you can get a few hotel discounts. Visiting in winter can be problematic because it tends to rain a great deal. Using Skyscannerto find the cheapest prices can be helpful.

Larnaca has a modern, beautifully designed airport. There's free Wi-Fi and plenty of options for shopping and dining, even if prices tend to be high. While smoking isn't allowed in the main airport space, there is a smoking lounge.

If you would like to sleep at the terminal before heading out to town, the airport is very accommodating with benches that have no armrests. You can find one in a quiet space, and stretch out. There are baby changing tables, children's play areas, luggage storage and lockers, showers and spas and even a porter service. Everything in the airport is open 24 hours.

The only downside to using this airport is the inefficient passenger handling in evidence. Lines for passport control, check-in and security tend to take very long. You'll need to set time aside for these lines. You can choose to pay for a special fast-track service when you buy your ticket, however. It allows you to move quickly through every point.

There's plenty of choice when it comes to transportation heading out to the city. There are city buses and airport shuttles, taxis and car rentals. Since rental cars at airports can be expensive, it is a sensible idea to choose to use a tool like Skyscanner to make arrangements online prior to arrival.

Taking in the best of Larnaca

Diving enthusiasts tend to particularly treasure opportunities to go scuba diving around shipwrecks. The Mediterranean, off Larnaca, holds the wreck of the Zenobia. It was a brand-new ferry on its maiden voyage, and sank as soon as it set off because of a glitch in a computer system controlling the ballast tanks. The highest point of the wreck is a mere 18 meters underwater, a depth that beginners can make. There are many diving companies that offer the training required.

If you're going with kids, you should check out the WoW Action Park. It can help keep the children busy. There's an endless variety of other attractions around town. The very pretty Finikoudes and McKinsey beaches, the Kamares Aqueduct, the Larnaca Fort, the Stavrovouni Monastery and so much more. All said, Larnaca offers an amazing Mediterranean adventure.

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