Cheap flights to Greenland

Cheap Flights to Greenland

Greenland's rugged terrain abounds with ice-capped mountains, fields of wildflowers, crystal-clear icebergs and glacial fjords... none of which are ideal for a major international airport.  As such, the country is flecked with small airports, some of which offer international service and some of which only operate flights within the country.  If you've always dreamed of seeing the midnight sun or the northern lights, want to relax in a natural hot spring with views of icebergs floating past, or long to sail with pods of humpback whales and blue whales, then set aside your reservations and use Skyscanner to find your perfect flight to Greenland.  

Best Time to Book a Flight to Greenland

Greenland has an Arctic climate where the temperature almost never rises above ten degrees Celsius, and has been known to dip as low as minus fifty-five degrees Celsius in the winter.  Hikers, sailors and mountain bikers should plan their visits for June, July and August, with a trip in June offering the opportunity to see the country celebrate National Day on June 21st.  Those who have always dreamed of seeing the northern lights should come during the winter, ensuring they leave time in their schedule to take in Greenland's spirited Christmas celebrations.  If you're flexible with your travel dates, try using Skyscanner's month search tool to compare prices for flights to Greenland during any thirty-day period.    

Airports in Greenland

Greenland has six international airports, three of which operate scheduled international flights.  From Canada, all regular flights to Greenland involve changing planes at a major European airport, with Iceland's Reykjavik Keflavik Airport and Copenhagen Airport being the most popular.  From these airports, flight regularly land at Kangerlussuaq Airport and Narsarsuaq Airport, which are located in isolated areas without road access.  From here, travelers continue on to their destinations with a smaller domestic flight, helicopter or boat.  Increasingly, more international flights are arriving directly at the Nuuk Airport, which is connected to the city center by the public bus network.  With Skyscanner's multi-city search tool you can book a flight into one of Greenland's airports, and out from another. 

What to See and Do in Greenland

Due to its isolated location and harsh climate, Greenland has little in the way of tourist infrastructure.  There is no roadway linking the towns and settlements across the island, so travelers must make their way around by plane, helicopter or boat.  Nuuk is Greenland's capital, as well as its most populated city with 17,000 residents.  Here, a handful of hotels welcome foreign visitors who wish to explore the city's Danish colonial city center, join a whale watching tour, or hike in the nearby hills. 

Other activities in Greenland vary with the seasons.  In the summer, it is possible to head to the northern parts of the country to experience the midnight sun, where the sun stays above the horizon, without setting, for several weeks at a time.  In the winter, hiring a dog sled for a tour to see the northern lights is a popular activity.  Tour operators in Greenland, Iceland and the Scandinavian countries can help you plan a multi-day excursion through Greenland.

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