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Feb 20, 2019 - Feb 21, 2019

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If the walls of the hotels in Las Vegas could talk, they would tell stories that would shock, awe, and fascinate. The history of the strip is the legacy of entrepreneurship and entertainment, a lush dream that became a stunning reality in what seemed like a harsh, plain bit of dry desert. A region that was little more than a quiet oasis for the local Navajo people in the mists of time has gained contemporary notoriety as a bright and exciting entertainment center. That's not to say that Las Vegas isn't in your price range, as there are enough travel packages and budget deals to accommodate anyone, whether you came in on a private jet, cruised in as part of a road trip, or hopped off a bus with your backpack.

Tourism in Las Vegas

Believe it or not, most of the activities and entertainment in modern Las Vegas doesn't involve gambling. The local theaters have gained a reputation for hosting big-name acts and musical performances from internationally renowned drama troupes, dance companies, artists, musicians, and comedians. Of course, there is a myriad of casinos in town, and there are even several slot machines set up at the airport to greet visitors.

  • Thrill Rides. There are the conventional theme parks in town with water slides and roller coasters, but these are thrill rides. These are adrenaline-packed adventures for older kids and adults, like driving through the desert on a four-wheeler or a carnival ride that sweeps you over the city.
  • Natural Wonders. This may not be an outdoor enthusiasts first choice, but a look at a map and the skyline outside of the city will make you think twice. The vast and magnificent Nevada Desert is filled with exciting natural landmarks and monuments. Travel on horseback, go hiking, or rev up an ATV.
  • Monuments and Museums. The history of neon signs, the iconic Caesars Palace, and rows of vintage cars are only part of the story of Southern Nevada. Las Vegas has an impressive natural history museum and other venues that display local art and artifacts from the time of antiquity.
  • Art, Inside and Out. There is a visual culture in Las Vegas that spills out into the street, beyond conventional galleries and showrooms. There is plenty of unique, dramatic street are in Las Vegas that includes elaborate modern sculptures and a collection of murals.

There are several tour companies operating in Las Vegas that can integrate your to-do list into a comprehensive plan, and such excursions can be included in most hotel and travel bundles. Some of these packages include tickets to shows or admission to historic sites.

Types of Hotels in Las Vegas

Timing is important when planning your stay, as popular festivals, shows, and events happen annually throughout the year and can fill up space in certain parts of town very quickly. Las Vegas is also a popular town for expos, conventions, and tournaments, making this a meeting place for virtually everyone sooner or later. Here are a few of the more unconventional choices to help narrow your search.

  • Campgrounds and RV Parks. With the vast and beautiful desert at the doorstep, you might choose to keep it more rustic when visiting. There are several state and national parks nearby that include a variety of hiking and cycling trails and nature preserves, the majority of which welcome recreational vehicles and campers.
  • Themed Hotels. Vintage classics from the heyday of Frank Sinatra, like the Dunes Hotel, have been replaced by more family-friendly venues where there's a lot to do besides gamble. Some of these hotels are their own tourist attractions, such as the romantic turrets of Excalibur or the sleek black pyramid of the Luxor
  • Luxury Resorts. With off-season prices, package deals, and other ways to save, you can treat yourself to a refined, high-end accommodation. There are resorts throughout town and in the rural areas nearby with amenities like spas, theaters, theme parks, and other perks like full meal and drink plans.

This city really does have everything, making it difficult to choose one spot to stay overnight. Keep one eye on the calendar and the other on your city map when deciding where to stay. Are you more interested in sightseeing, history, or sports? Stay in a campground and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, or relax in a resort that will cater to your every whim.

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B YDenver, Colorado, USA

So much to do besides gambling. Tour the different casinos for the ambiance. Take a boat trip in the Venetian, be sure to look at the ceilings in the mai courtyard.

Kendra Justice
Kendra JusticeLas Vegas

Las Vegas is worth visiting and living in Las Vegas is nice too. Living here is great because you can visit everything all the time.

Hazel Macrae
Hazel MacraeInverness

Went on this at night time so as the see the strip at its best all lite up. Even if your afraid of heights like me give it a try it's great you hardly noticed you were moving. Cheaper to book from your hotel than at the eye.

Jennifer Hynes
Jennifer HynesLas Vegas, Nevada, USA

i have been researching my trip to lv for weeks. i feel i have already been there!


The most expensive month to stay in Las Vegas is January, with an average price of C$202 per night. The least expensive month is January, with an average of C$202 per night.
The average price of a hotel in February is typically C$155 per night. This is C$24% more than the average nightly price of C$202 seen over the previous 12 months.

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