Cheap flights to Guyana

Cheap Flights to Guyana

Carpeted thick with the densest and the most inaccessible, unexplored and unspoiled rainforests in South America, Guyana has frequently been the subject of studies by famed explorers and naturalists such as Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir David Attenborough. The country's rainforests are so well-protected, the government receives awards from around the world.

The country's nature reserves are biodiversity hotspots that offer many of the greatest opportunities anywhere to view spectacular wildlife. The region has been nominated for recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When tourists arrive in Guyana, it is to experience nature at its purest. The country is one of the world's greatest under-the-radar ecotourism destinations.

Essential information on seeing Guyana

Canadians need no visa to come to Guyana to experience its sights, for up to 90 days. Unlike many other countries in this region, Guyana is safe. The Canadian government offers no specific travel advisories for travel here.

You can come in by road, or by ferry. There is a bridge that connects Guyana to Boa Vista in Brazil, and a ferry connects the country to Suriname via the Moleson Creek. Some people even choose to come in from Venezuela over road. It can be so difficult a journey, however, that the government doesn't even bother to post a passport control barrier here.

Flying in is the easiest way to arrive. Depending where you come from, you will either land at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (far from the capital of Georgetown), or close to town, at the Ogle International Airport, if you're coming in from a neighboring country. Since Guyana hasn't yet been discovered by most tourists, you won't have a hard time finding affordable tickets or hotels. You should try a service like Skyscanner to get the best deals, however.

Before you pay for a deal, it's important that you understand what you're paying for. Many hotels in Guyana publish prices by the hour; so a deal that looks attractive may simply not be for the whole day. Shared bathrooms are common, as well. In some cases, deals may look very expensive, but they are actually very good because they include all meals.

The government has many cheap or free guest houses built around the various villages in the jungles, as well. You should look in every region (regions are numbered 1,2,3, and so on. There's little information available about them unless you actually ask a government official  somewhere.

What to do in Guyana

When you come to Guyana, you shouldn't expect any world-famous sights. What you can expect are sights that deserve to be world-famous. While you may have never heard of Guyana's Kaieteur Falls, for example, there is a record it holds -- the 250 m high cliffs that the water crashes off, make these falls the highest single-drop cascades in the world. Going here is an amazing idea because these are falls that very few people have actually seen -- they are in the middle of a prehistoric jungle.

The Rupununi Savannas are another supreme attraction, a region of plains that remind people of Africa. The river here crawls with giant alligator-like reptiles called caimans, and the water bodies are inhabited by giant Amazonian lilies. You'll wonder if you've somehow been transported to a different time or planet.

The Canopy Walkway is another great attraction -- the walkway is strung up in the rainforest canopy, and gives you a unique view.

When you're ready for some regular fun, Guyana has plenty of that, too. Georgetown's Stabroek Market and entertainment spots such as the 704 Sports Bar, The New Thriving, The Palm Court, The Nightcap and The House of Flavors are all popular hangouts.

You should come to Guyana for the uncomplicated holiday that you get. Uncrowded, offering a simple range of activities, but supremely rewarding, Guyana is the way holidays should really be.

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