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Wellness travel: why it could be the post-coronavirus stress-buster you need

Craving some connection to the world around you? There are so many ways to prioritize your health and wellbeing (and the health of others) during these stressful times. Here’s why some wellness travel is exactly what we need right now.

We know that travel is especially difficult right now. But alongside the latest COVID-19 travel advice and updates, we want to continue to inspire you with new travel content so that when the world opens its doors again, you’ll be ready.

Why travel for wellness now?

With these uncertain times, it’s especially important to invest in your own wellbeing, and that’s where travel comes in to play. Many psychology experts say that taking a vacation can actually be a great opportunity for inner growth. And this self-development can increase exponentially if you whisk yourself and the ones you love most to a new destination for some wellness travel, even if it’s not that far from home.

So now’s the time to discover outdoor getaways and secluded vacation spots in your home province, some of which are open and ready to be explored by following the local guidelines and safety regulations. Even if it’s not the time to pack your bags for an international escape right this second, dreaming up a trip and taking some notes for the future gives us all something to look forward to.

And why is that? Because travel planning has also proven to be a big mood booster. So if you’re feeling a little down and out, start tackling those vacation goals and dreams for a much-needed refresh. Take this opportunity to plan a trip to that national park on your bucket list you’ve been putting off for years, or go the distance on one of these epic Canadian bike trails.

a lake and mountain view with a person doing a yoga pose from a distance
Wellness travel tips and secluded getaways just for you

What will wellness travel look like post corona?

This has been a hot topic for us in the travel sphere over the past few months. Many travel experts are predicting that the future of wellness travel will involve more authentic experiences, immersion with the local culture, and trips taken at a slower pace. Our time spent isolated or anxious during the corona pandemic has allowed us to re-evaluate what’s truly important in life, and our travel priorities in 2020 and beyond will be a reflection of that. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of travel was trending towards more meaningful and transformative experiences and this will continue in the future.

The basics of personal wellness remain the same: rest, relaxation, a connection with others, and some outdoor time to experience the beauty of nature and stimulate the senses. After spending so much time indoors, it’s safe to say that we’ll be looking to get as much outdoor time as we can. Now is the time to discover some hidden getaways and natural wonders that have been a part of our travel dreams for a while now. And, as always, it’s important that we all follow the local guidelines for health and safety whether we are at home or exploring somewhere new. Be mindful to keep a safe distance from others outside of your travel group when you’re on a trip so that everyone around you can enjoy a stress-free experience.

find a secluded cabin by the lake
Wellness travel tips and secluded getaways just for you

Where should I travel to boost my wellness post corona?

From secluded cabins in your home province to top-notch wellness travel experiences, here are the best places to unwind across Canada.

Please note: If you’re coming in to explore a small town or region, many local communities are simply not equipped to handle a widespread health outbreak, so learning and following the local guidelines is essential. Also, please be respectful of the laws and requests of the First Nations communities.

Secluded cabins and wellness travel in BC

A few hours from Vancouver along the east coast of Vancouver Island in beautiful Nanaimo. Discover the best of what British Columbia has to offer at the secluded getaway vacation spot, Riverside Vacation Rentals. They offer cozy cabins and private campsites by the Nanaimo River where you can unwind with your travel buddies and hike the nearby trails. Another great secluded cabin experience in BC at the Forest Echoes Cabins in the remote Cultus Lake in the Fraser Valley.

The west coast of Canada is no stranger to wellness retreats and mindful living. You can find a variety of health and wellness experiences in BC for all styles and budgets. One recommendation is Fresh Start Health Retreats in Campbell River.

kayak in the lake in Banff
Wellness travel tips and secluded getaways just for you

The top secluded cabins in Alberta

Further east, wellness travellers can find their perfect nature recluse in the mountains of Alberta. Try Baker Creek Mountain Resort by Lake Louise in Banff. This resort with secluded cabins is perfect for a romantic getaway, where you and your partner can enjoy the facilities of a modern cabin in a tranquil and remote setting. Some of the cabins are even pet-friendly! The resort is complete with fire pits on-site, where you can roast marshmallows and make s’mores under the stars.

If you’re looking for cheap secluded vacation spots for your wellness getaway, KB Trails Rustic Cabins offer an off-the-grid experience that won’t break the bank. This trip is for only the most adventurous nature enthusiasts, where you can spend your vacation days exploring the nearby lakes, falls, and probably even spot some wildlife along the way.

Insider tip: Alberta is home to some of the best hot springs in Canada, so make sure to check one out if you’re in the area for the ultimate travel wellness experience.

Secluded cottages in Ontario

Looking for a wellness getaway in Ontario? Algonquin Provincial Park has so many options to find secluded cabins and incredible experiences. You can canoe in your very own private lake and hike the remote trails near the Algonquin Eco-Lodge, which is a truly off-the-grid accommodation that runs on alternative, sustainable energy. This secluded cabin is also one of our favourite eco-friendly hotels in Canada.

Located only a short drive from Ottawa is Barrys Bay Cottages and Ottawa Valley Cottage Rentals. These secluded cabins come complete with a hot tub and all the rest, relaxation, and outdoor activities you need.

cabin by the lake in the woods
Wellness travel tips and secluded getaways just for you

Secluded cabins in Quebec

Get out in the country in Quebec! The Chalet avec spa hot tub le Panache des Bois is a stylish secluded cabin along the river complete with modern amenities, perfect for a romantic getaway or a group trip this summer. The cabin is located in the Mauricie region, and you’ll be just a short drive away from picturesque hiking trails where you can get back to nature.

Quebec also has a great initiative called Sepaq, where adventure seekers can find a ton of secluded cabins and chalets in the provincial park of their choice. Browse their website and find your perfect wellness getaway.

Secluded getaways in Atlantic Canada

Take a summer road trip along Nova Scotia’s iconic Cabot Trail and spend a night or two relaxing at Maven Gypsy B&B and Cottages. Located along a more remote section of the Trail, you’ll get to rest and recharge in one of their private cabins in the woods, and there’s even a private beach nearby.

You’ll be just steps away from some of the most beautiful natural gems in Atlantic Canada at Captain’s Lookout Cottages Bay of Fundy. Guests at these secluded cabins in New Brunswick will be blessed with epic views of the Bay of Fundy; not to mention secret lakes, beaches, and bird-watching experiences that will leave you inspired and feeling truly refreshed.

a hand holding a pen to journal
Practice wellness everyday: Keep a daily journal

How could I boost my wellness from home?

Here are just some things you can do to practice health and wellness from the comforts of your own home.

Take a few moments every day to centre yourself: Whether it’s listening to a short meditation guide in the morning, doing some breathwork, or silently reading a page from a book of daily inspirations, it’s important to spend some quiet time with your soul every day. These practices are proven to have a positive effect on your brain chemistry, making you a happier person throughout the day.

Personalize your space with some wellness and travel inspiration: Bring the world into your own home! Burn some incense and take yourself back to that time you were exploring the temples in Thailand. Maybe you have some souvenirs in your closet or a local market nearby where you can pick up some goodies that remind you of your favourite places in the world? This amazing travel blogger shares some great tips here.

Treat yourself to some self-care: Support local business and buy some wellness products with organic ingredients and let their fresh smells calm and invigorate you.

Keep a journal: Go analog mode and flesh out your thoughts and feelings by keeping a daily journal. This much-needed break from our constant screen time is a great way to help gather our thoughts and hold ourselves accountable for goals and aspirations. And our future selves will be thanking us! It’s always a thought-provoking experience to look back at old journals.

Get involved in your community: Find something you are passionate about and get involved with the discussion to be a part of the change. Even if it’s just online at the moment, there’s always work that needs to be done. Having a goal and a cause you care about will help keep you motivated, and it’s also a great way to find a meaningful connection with others.

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Practice wellness everyday: Meditation

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