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Let your senses take you on a journey

Your next destination is just a scroll away

What do you miss about travel? For us, it’s about meeting new people and exploring new places. But most of all, we miss the full experience of a different destination – the aroma of a local street market, the sand between our toes, or the sound of crickets chirping.

But while we might not be able to help you get away right now, we can give you the full sensory experience of travel so you can relax and unwind from every day.

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As one of the most popular landscapes in the world, no one can mistake the iconic streets of New York. Take on a new perspective of this concrete jungle with a virtual walking tour.

Fancy going cross-continental? Try these virtual tours:

Close your eyes, breathe in, and take a journey to the mountaintops with this electronic paradise. Perfect for a walk, during work or when you want to drift away. Discover our Spotify playlists so you can explore more of our world through music.

Go deep into electronic worlds

We owe a lot to the sounds in this playlist – they’re great for focusing on work to, and take on a whole new life when you’re chilling out or walking on a bleak Winter’s day. If you’re feeling your way into ambient or experimental electronic music, start with these artists. 

Discover our Spotify playlists so you can explore more of our world through music.

Travel the world one bite at a time! Let our tailor-made library of recipes from renowned chefs, restaurants, brands and home cooks take you on a journey.

They say smell is your most powerful sense. Breathe in Los Angeles by transforming your front room into a downtown bar with one of these bespoke candles. You can thank us later!

Some say it’s relaxing, some say it’s just weird. All we know is we can feel the sand between our toes with this immersive ASMR experience. Give it a try!

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By tapping into your senses, we hope you’ve been able to transport somewhere new. If you are looking for more experiences to keep you busy during lockdown, here are some others you can try: