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How to Book a Multi-Day Layover to See Another City for Free

Want to explore even more of the world? Find out how to discover a new city on your next trip with a multi-day layover for free!

There are perks to booking a direct flight, but there is also a perk to booking a long layover on the way to your destination for your next trip! Book a multi-day layover with our search engine and can have you see an entirely new city for free! 

There are a few ways to squeeze in an extra destination on your trip, and we are going to show you how! 


1. Book a Multi-Day Layover For Free

With Skyscanner, you can search for flights with long layovers. This can allow you to explore a new city without adding cost to your flight price. 

1. Search for flights as you normally would. 

Enter your departure and destination locations, the desired dates, and the number of people. If you are not sure where to travel, you can get inspiration from entering “everywhere” into the destination field. This will cause Skyscanner to search everywhere in the world for the best flight deals.

Find out how to use the “everywhere” feature

How to Book a Multi-Day Layover to See Another City for Free. Multi-City Search Tool. Skyscanner Canada.
Search “everywhere” for travel inspiration

2. Look at the common connecting points in between your departure city and your destination city. 

Many itineraries will have layovers in certain cities with large international airports. Check to see if any of these common connecting points inspire your curiosity to explore!

3. Find the longest layover option.

On Skyscanner, you can filter out the “non-stop” flights to only see the ones with layovers. You can also sort by “fastest” itineraries. Once you’ve sorted by fastest and de-selected the “non-stop” flights, scroll down to the bottom of the search results to find the flights with the longest layovers. 

4. Consider length, time, location and visas.

Length: You want to make sure the layover is long enough for you to leave the airport, explore the city, and return to the airport in time to go through security. You need to assume that transportation will take longer than stated, in case you get lost or miss the bus. 

Time: There is no real benefit to having a long layover overnight when everything is closed. The length of the layover might be tempting, but make sure it is not only during night hours.

Location: Some airports are far away from the city centre, which means you have to account for that long travel time. Always check to see how you will get downtown from the airport before you book a long layover flight. 

Visas: Some countries require you to have a visa, even if you are there for less than 24 hours. Some countries provide 24-hour visa. Some need you to stay at the airport. Always check to see what the visa situation is before booking your flight. 

How to Book a Multi-Day Layover to See Another City for Free. Multi-City Search Tool. Skyscanner Canada.

2. Use the Skyscanner Multi-City Search Tool

If you do not see a good layover option, then try out the Skyscanner multi-city search tool. This tool and travel hack lets you book several flights that do not start or finish at the same airports. This means you can book as many stopover days as you want! 

To keep the cost of the flight relatively the same as a regular layover, you can do a multi-city search that does a stopover through one of the major connecting cities discovered in the regular search results.

If you do not want to spend time in one of the major connecting cities, you can literally fly to anywhere else in the world! Just note this option might be more expensive as it is not a ‘natural’ connection. 

Check out our guide to the multi-city search tool

How to Book a Multi-Day Layover to See Another City for Free. Multi-City Search Tool. Skyscanner Canada.
Multi-City Search Tool on Skyscanner

3. Book an Airline that Offers Free Stopovers

There are some airlines that encourage people to book a multi-day layover (stopover) in certain cities. This means you can book a few days (or longer) to explore a different city on the way to or from your destination, without any change in flight price. 

Some airports and airlines offer free city tours for long layovers. Always make sure to check out the airport or airline website for more information. 

Airlines that offer free multi-day stopovers:

Etihad Airways: Spend two nights in Abu Dhabi and your second hotel night is free! 

Finnair: Spend up to five days in Helsinki on your outbound or return flight. 

Icelandair: Spend up to seven nights in Reykjavík as part of a layover. 

KLM: Spend some bonus time in Amsterdam on the way to your destination AND on the way back! 

Japan Airlines: This airline has a variety of multi-day layover options depending on your destination. A popular stopover destination is Tokyo!

TAP Portugal: Spend up to five nights in Lisbon or Porto when you purchase an intercontinental roundtrip flight. 

Just when you thought you were going to discover a new country – it turns out you can discover two! With this multi-day layover travel tip, you can explore more for the same flight price! 

Book a multi-day layover with the Skyscanner search engine to get the best deals on flights.