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A guide to Walt Disney World’s Epcot

Whether you have kids or are a kid at heart, Walt Disney World is a vacation destination everyone can love. But how do you see everything in the house Mickey built? Here are some great tips on how to get the most out of your trip to Epcot in Walt Disney World.

Disney World’s Epcot is a gigantic global party all rolled up into one small slice of the world in Flordia where you can explore, dream and experience. It is home to Disney’s World Showcase and the Future World’s of East and West. There’s so much the park has to offer and you’re not going to want to miss a thing!

Future World

Finding Nemo in Epcot

You can’t go wrong in Future World. It’s home to some amazing attractions that you’ll want to stop by, including Spaceship Earth, Ellen’s Energy Adventure (a good place to relax), Mission Space (a bad place to relax but a good place to adventure), Test Track, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, Soarin’, and Journey into Imagination with Figment. Each attraction tells its own story and they’re built so the whole family can enjoy them!

The World’s Fair at Disney

This permanent World’s Fair features romanticized vignettes of different countries from around the world. The selection of food, drink, and souvenirs is unlike anything else at Walt Disney World. Whatever you decide to eat or drink, you cannot lose.

Unlike other Disney locations, you can actually enjoy an adult beverage or two. There is the ever popular, albiet unofficial, “drink around the world” where the ambitious guest starts at one side of the World Showcase and stops in each and every country to enjoy an adult beverage. By the time you come back around to your starting point, you should feel satisfyingly toasted.

Mexico showcase in Epcot


We recommend starting in Mexico and working your way around the World’s Fair at Disney clockwise. If you’re facing the World Showcase, you’ll find it to the left. Mexico features a charming boat ride that takes you from Mayan ruins to Acapulco and concludes with a brief performance by the Three Caballeros featuring Donald Duck.


Once you’ve visited Mexico, we recommend heading to China to take in the Circle Vision 360 movie. It is an immersive film will take you across China and through the centuries. But a quick word of warning, it is a standing film so if you’ve got aching feet it’s not the best break activity. After the film, be sure to visit the terra cotta soldiers in the adjacent museum.


From China skip along to Germany. There are two must-have food choices in Germany. From any of the quick-service locations in Germany, order an authentic German pretzel with mustard (much better than the standard park pretzel) and a shot or two of the Apfelkorn schnapps. The drier yet flavorful pretzel goes so well with the syrupy sweet shot.

America Adventure

Once you’ve enjoyed your pretzel, continue along the Epcot World Showcase to the America Adventure. Rest your tired feet and take in a show dedicated to the challenges and successes that have built America. This show combines slides, video, and audio-animatronic figures that you would swear are real. You might find yourself getting a chill as you see a stoic George Washington sitting upon his horse at Valley Forge as the wind ruffles the horse’s mane.

Japan showcase in Epcot


Next, stop by Mitsukoshi department store in Japan. This unique location offers authentic Japanese merchandise from the sophisticated to the bizarre. And while you’re visiting, you can grab yourself some refreshing shaved ice at the Kabuki Cafe.


While you’re visiting France in Epcot, you might find yourself exploring the French countryside through film with the Impressions of France show. This film will allow you to sit down and enjoy the sights and sounds of France from the rural countryside to metropolitan Paris to the relaxed Riviera.

You can also find a Grand Marnier slush at the last kiosk along the banks of the River Seine. Once you have your slush, try strolling along the gardens and shops of the France Pavilion and taking in the cinematic sights.

United Kingdom

The bridge from France will take you into Epcot’s United Kingdom. This is home to the popular restaurant and drinking establishment, the Rose & Crown Pub. As the night goes on, the piano and sing-a-longs get louder giving you an unexpected distraction for a park built around family entertainment.

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Fireworks at Epcot

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