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Hotels in Tabriz

Located in the scenic Quru river valley between two volcanic ridges, Tabriz is the largest economic hub and metropolitan area in northwestern Iran. A former capital of Iran, it is a treasure trove of historical monuments highlighting the country's transformation over the ages. 

Tabriz has been a centre for cultural exchange since antiquity. The famous Tabriz bazaar, for example, was once a key stop on the Silk Road and is the largest covered bazaar complex in the world. Today, you can still shop there for handicrafts, spices, jewelry, carpets, and much more.

Tabriz is home to some of Iran's most famous landmarks, like the Blue Mosque, and has a milder climate than most other parts of the country. Many airlines offer international flights to Tabriz, including Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Emirates, making this the perfect starting point to discover Iran!

Tourism in Tabriz, Iran

A visit to Tabriz wouldn't be complete without stopping at the Blue Mosque. All that remains of the original structure (built in 1465) is the front entrance, which is decorated with an extremely impressive blue tile mosaic. It was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1778, but rebuilt in the 1900s into the mosque you see today. Inside, you'll find exquisite blue ceramic and mosaic patterns that will leave you breathless. 

The Bazaar of Tabriz is also an absolute must-see. Located right in the city centre, it is home to hundreds of shops offering traditional Iranian carpets, spices, crafts, and more. People have been coming here to trade goods for hundreds of years.

To learn more about Tabrizi history and culture, consider stopping by the Azerbaijan Museum. It is made of three main sections. The first contains artifacts from as early as 5000 BC up to the Sassanian Dynasty (212-656 AD). The second section is home to a wide variety of Islamic coins, seals, and archeological exhibits. The third section contains sculptures and a large collection of padlocks. Needless to say, there is something there for everyone!

Where are hotels located in Tabriz?

Tabriz's hotels are scattered throughout the city, making a rental car a necessity if you want to see all of the main attractions. Hotel Behbood Tabriz is the closest hotel to the Blue Mosque, while the others require a subway or taxi ride to the city centre.

How much do hotels in Tabriz cost?

Most Tabriz hotels cost between $150 and $200 per night, however there are some budget options as low as $75 per night.

Are there any luxury hotels in Tabriz?

Yes! Both the Shahryar International hotel and the Tabriz El-Goli Pars hotel have a five-star rating. Shahryar International boasts two gourmet restaurants, a lively entertainment complex, and luxurious rooms decorated in traditional Iranian style. El-Goli Pars has a swimming pool, revolving restaurant, and amazing views over El-Goli park and the mountains surrounding Tabriz.

Which Tabriz hotels are suitable for families?

The Kaya Laleh Park Hotel is a great option for travelers with kids. It has a swimming pool the whole family can enjoy, complimentary breakfast with your room, and suite accommodations for groups that need more than one room.