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Hotels in Prague

A city of literary legend and artistic myth, Prague is one of the most popular cities for writers, artists, revolutionaries, philosophers, and travelers who like to wander off the beaten path. Overshadowed by heavy hitters in the west like Milan and Zurich, Prague holds its own when it comes to things to see and places to stay. It’s location in central Europe, along with connections via rail, bus, a public metro, and an international airport, makes it easy reach and economical to explore.

Tourism in Prague

Prague has the architecture, history, and canals that you can find in many other European cities, with some compelling and fascinating differences. Nicknamed the City of Many Spires for the Gothic and Baroque towers that dominate the skyline, there are many unique surprises in the historic city streets.

  • Gastronomy. The restaurants of Prague were some of the first to receive Michelin recognition after the Soviet Union fell. Not only is virtually every international type of cuisine represented, but you can also enjoy kosher, halal, or vegetarian fare. That’s in addition to Czech beer and Moravian wine.
  • Town Districts. A distinguishing feature of Prague is the different districts, each with their own special character. There’s the Jewish Quarter, made famous by writer Franz Kafka, and both Old and New Town with their castles, gardens, and fortresses.
  • Science. A city for scholars, poets, and professors, Prague has long been a hub for learning and invention. The city is home to no less than 12 universities, and that’s in addition to the numerous art academies, private schools, and international institutions like the British Council and Istituto Italiano di Cultura.
  • Avant Garde Architecture. You can’t take a photo in Europe without hitting a Classical, Baroque, or Gothic building, and Prague has all those plus Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Pseudo Baroque, and even Cubist. The Dancing House in New Town is a prime example of Deconstructionist architecture.

Hotels in Prague

An international city with literally millions of visitors a year, Prague has an accommodation to suit every traveler. There are plenty of conventional hotels to choose from along with a few selections that don’t exist anywhere else.

  • Guesthouses are a nice alternative to hostels and conventional hotels and are often extensions of family homes. Many of these places also have breakfast or other meals included, consisting of home-cooked, local cuisine served in a communal dining room.
  • Experience Accommodation is a nickname given to some of the more creative places to stay. We’re talking about luxury treehouses, reclaimed wine kegs, and houseboats on the Vltava River.
  • Historic Themes for hotels in the city and it’s environs include Victorian farmhouses and 13th-century inns and taverns. These are restored, decorated, and renovated to recall those bygone times.
  • Chateaus and Castles abound in this region, and you can literally sleep and eat like a king in many of them. In addition to hosting many of the city’s finest restaurants, these hotels also have golf courses, spas, and even hedge mazes to entertain guests as if they were royalty.