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Visitors taking a trip to Hermosillo should stop by Plaza Zaragoza, the center of the city built in 1865. Here you may find the neoclassical State Government Palace, a vibrant flower garden, and the breathtaking Catedral de la Asunción. Hermosillo's desert landscape is punctuated by distant green hills; those wanting …

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A Closer Look ToursPhoenix, Arizona, USA

Copper Canyon Tour: Day 1 A voyage through the Copper Canyon is truly a must for all passionate travelers. Combining riveting adventure with a reprieve from the demands of the modern world, the Copper Canyons offers a gorgeous setting for a marvelous escape. Day one of our tour will take you to Hermosillo's Cathedral and Government Palace.

Sandra Vazquez
Sandra VazquezHermosillo

It is a calm and beautiful city. You'll find the best stakes here

Marco Paz
Marco Paz

Bk Ccoa
Bk Ccoa

La comida exquisita , las personas buena onda y la cultura

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