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Bremen has a long and storied history, which has only recently been paired with Germany . For centuries this bustling little city stood as an independent state, a feat it was able to prologue thanks to a thriving international trade business that was aided both by it's coastal location along …

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Things to see and do in Bremen

2e14 | FlickrTown Hall and Statue of Roland on the Marketplace
Town Hall and Statue of Roland on the Marketplace
Kevin Kempskie | Trip by SkyscannerSchnoor
Viola Saschowa | Trip by SkyscannerBöttcherstraße
Julia | Trip by SkyscannerBremen Cathedral
Bremen Cathedral
Julia | Trip by SkyscannerBremer Stadtmusikanten
Bremer Stadtmusikanten
Volt2011 | FlickrBürgerpark
Pippa Bates | Trip by SkyscannerTown Musicians of Bremen Statue
Town Musicians of Bremen Statue
Viola Saschowa | Trip by SkyscannerHal över Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Hal över Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Allie_Caulfield | FlickrUniversum Bremen
Universum Bremen
dennisreimann | FlickrWerdersee

Reviews of Bremen

Arild Sørensen
Arild SørensenKnarrevik

A great historic city with its charming citycenter, including the famous statues of the city musicians but also its parks and numerous historic buildings

Raimund Gaebelein
Raimund GaebeleinBremen, Germany

Maybe you're attracted by fairy tales, the famous town musicians may be found in Bremen. But there's much more if you like to cast an eye on a real statue of liberty: the Roland? You may trace your ancestors on their flight to freedom in the migrants's museum in Bremerhaven, 65 km north. Or you enjoy cimeteries layed out as parks. If you should fancy natural painting, well Worpswede is not that far from Bremen and situated in fenland.

Washarin Vong
Washarin VongMoscow, Russia

Love this city. The cluster of old buildings and architectures in the centre is awesome. Plus chic shops and restaurants. All within walking distance.

Andy Ziesemer
Andy ZiesemerTroutdale, Oregon, USA

Classy city- an enjoyable and safe feeling place to explore.

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