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Mashion Bakery: The Go-To Bakery in Toronto’s Chinatown

Even though Mashion Bakery opened in Toronto’s Chinatown with very little fanfare, it was quickly recognized as one of the best and most unique bakeries Toronto has to offer.

An Intro to Toronto’s Mashion Bakery

Toronto’s Mashion Bakery opened in 2011, and the unassuming shop was a hit almost instantly. It looks like many of the other Chinese bakeries in the area and sells some of the same items. However, what sets Mashion Bakery apart is the combination of high-quality baked goods at an affordable price. You will find a mixture of locals and tourists joining the line-up to grab a walnut puff, egg tarts or coconut cream bun to go.

Packed with homemade sweet treats, Toronto’s Mashion Bakery is known for the desserts and buns. Located on Spadina Avenue in Chinatown, this is a great spot to grab a bite while sightseeing in Toronto. Here’s a guide on the best of this little bakery that could.

egg tarts
Mashion Bakery: The Go-To Bakery in Toronto’s Chinatown

What to Order at Mashion Bakery

What people love the most about Toronto’s Mashion Bakery is that it’s always full of special treats. There are freshly made buns that you can select for yourself. Customers can find pre-packaged cakes and Swiss rolls. There are plenty of well-loved sweet treats like pineapple and coconut buns, as well as a selection of specialty Chinese flavours.

During its grand opening, customers were surprised to see buns priced at 3 for $1. The bakery is still known for its shockingly good deals. Toward the end of the day, you can often get a full bag of buns for around $2.50. That’s less than 50 cents per bun! There are both sweet and savoury options available.

In addition to all the baked goodies, Mashion Bakery does offer drinks. Tea, green tea, coffee, Ovaltine, bubble tea and more are on the menu for a refreshing beverage to accompany your sweet bun.

Where to Dine in Toronto’s Chinatown

Throughout Toronto’s Chinatown, there are a number of restaurants and cafés to explore along the popular Spadina Ave and beyond. From the classic dumpling shops to more modern fare, here are some of the best spots in the neighbourhood to grab a bite to eat.

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