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Land Custom Flight Offers with Skyscanner

Custom flight offers are only a few clicks away! Sign up for a Skyscanner account and receive personalized flight deals to and from your home airport. We help take the work out of planning for your next trip.

How to Receive Personal Flight Offers with Skyscanner:

  1. Register for a free Skyscanner account
  2. Personalize your settings
  3. Set up custom price alerts
  4. Search for the cheapest flights
  5. Edit your account settings and subscribe to our Newsletter

1. Register for a free Skyscanner Account

The first thing you’ll want to do is head over to Skyscanner’s homepage. After that, find the ‘Log in’ button located in the top, right-hand corner of your screen. Click it and you will notice a pop-up window appear. From there you can choose to continue through your personal Google or Facebook account. Or you can choose the third option of registering with a valid email address and password into the appropriate fields.

Once that’s done, an email will be sent to your inbox to confirm your email address. Simply open the inbox for the email you just provided, find the confirmation email sent by Skyscanner and click the link found within. Immediately after clicking the link, you will be able to login to your new Skyscanner account!

Screenshot of the Welcome to Skyscanner pop-up page to create a new account through google, facebook or personal email
Land Custom Flight Offers with Skyscanner

2. Personalize your settings

Now that you’re logged in with your new account, return to Skyscanner’s homepage if you’re not already there. If you have successfully logged into your account, the ‘Log in’ button you clicked in Step One will now say ‘Account’. To begin personalizing your weekly flight deals, click the Account button found in the top, right-hand portion of your screen. You should now be directed to a page with three options: Add a Traveller, Price Alerts and Account. All of these options are ways to tailor your account for your preferences.

screenshot of Skyscanner user profile page showing options to personalize settings

3. Set up custom Price Alerts to find the best flight offers for you

Creating custom Price Alerts is super easy. First, go to the flight search engine and search the route that you’re interested in (it can be one-way or round-trip) and once you are taken to the page with flight options, click ‘Get Price Alerts’ in the top left-hand corner. A pop-up will then display, telling you a price alert has been created and that an email will be sent to you once the price changes. It’s as easy as that! You can continue to check back to your account page to see and monitor the routes that you have chosen for price alerts as well.

screenshot of New York to London flight route search options with a circle pointing to the 'Get Price Alerts' button.
Land Custom Flight Offers with Skyscanner

4. Begin searching for the cheapest flights

After you’ve created your custom price alert, you’ll have a few options. You can begin researching flights for your trip, or if you’d rather wait for custom price alerts to land in your inbox, you can do that as well. You can even add or remove price alerts for as many flight routes as you would like. It’s all up to you! We also have information for the best time to book flights from Canada, including how many weeks out and the best month to book a flight to regions all over the world.

screenshot of custom price alert list in the account profile
Land Custom Flight Offers with Skyscanner

5. Subscribe to our newsletter for travel tips and inspiration

If you would like to edit your account settings, simply click the ‘Account’ button embedded at the top of Skyscanner’s website (again, this button will only appear if you’re logged in) to be taken to your user profile. From there, you can easily edit your settings by clicking the ‘Account’ option in your user profile. If you want to be in-the-know of the latest travel advice, tips, inspiration, and deals, then click the subscribe button to have our free newsletter delivered straight to your inbox.

screenshot of account settings in the user profile and clicking the subscription box option
Land Custom Flight Offers with Skyscanner

Now that you have great flight offers, get ready to pack your bags!

Now that you have a personalized account and price alerts set up, sit back and enjoy the very best deals on airfare delivered directly to your inbox.

By taking the legwork out of finding the best deals on flights, you can start dreaming up what you are going to do when you get to your destination. Skyscanner’s price alert feature removes the legwork that’s associated with conducting daily research to find the best deals on airfare. We’ll do it for you, so all you have to do now is worry about where you’re going next and how epic that trip’s bound to be.

Check Airline Flash Sales for Deals

Besides signing up for custom flight offers, bookmark the pages below and keep checking back for updated seat sales and flight deals from cities across Canada and maybe your home airport!

Search for more cheap flight offers and deals with our search engine below. 👇🏼

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