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Hotels in Hong Kong

Even after the official handover to China in 1997, Hong Kong remains autonomous from the central government. It’s official title is “Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China” and the government acts independently in virtually all administrative duties, except those regarding international relations and military affairs. The rumors you’ve heard about population density are true, as this small area houses more than seven million residents, making it the fourth most densely populated place in the world. This means there’s a lot to do and see, along with many places to stay.

Tourism in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a foodie paradise, has a long and compelling history, and is equipped with an ample amount of green spaces along with some amazing cityscapes and nightlife. Here are a few of the attractions and events that are unique to the island.

  • The Great November Feast. The title of this merry annual festival tells you everything you need to know. The whole month is dedicated to food, wine, and spirits from both local and international producers. The event includes expos, tours, and carnivals.
  • The Dragon Boat Carnival. An ancient Chinese tradition, this is now a modern sport and an international event. It is often combined with another festival, Beerfest, and takes place in the scenic Victoria Harbour.
  • The Lunar New Year Cup. Asian New Year’s celebrations are already legendary, and Hong Kong takes it up a notch by combining their party with a soccer tournament. The home team plays against selected international teams as part of the annual festivities.
  • The Peak. Despite the persistent stereotype, the island of Hong Kong is not carpeted with urban sprawl. The New Territories is home to historic neighborhoods, lush gardens, and scenic views, visible from the tower, tram, or Peak Circle Walk.

Hotels in Hong Kong

Ranked number eleven as the most popular tourist destination on earth, but it’s also the eighth most expensive. Even budget food and accommodations here are on the higher end of the price scale. Other services like airport transfers or meals are only included in the most expensive options.

  • Guesthouses. The equivalent of a hostel, these will still cost you more than a $100 a night, and that’s often with a shared bathroom. Since these are few, they fill up fast, so reserve in advance.
  • Hotels. Conventional hotels make up the bulk of options for accommodation in Hong Kong, and although some places include breakfast and other perks and are closer to the action downtown. The average price for a single night is about $300.
  • Luxury Accommodation. Hong Kong tends to cater to the jet set, so four and five-star hotels dominate the landscape. These are opulent, and they should be, as they cost a minimum of $300 dollars a night, and that’s just the cost of your room.