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Shortest international flights from Canada

Canada is known worldwide for its breathtaking scenery, multicultural cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, and a slew of beautiful national parks from coast to coast. Not to mention a population of friendly citizens from coast to coast. But if you’re longing for a little change of scenery, it’s possible to find short and accessible flights out of the country. Read on to discover some of the best, shortest international flights from Canada.

Please note: Due to the on-going situation with COVID-19, travel restrictions to the destinations mentioned below are currently in place. Always check the latest travel updates and advisories for Canadians before planning a trip.

Top short international flights from Canada

Departure City
North America
TorontoNew York City,
London, Dublin,
Amsterdam, Oslo,
New Delhi,
Hong Kong, Tokyo,
VancouverLos Angeles,
London, ParisTokyo, Hong Kong,
Seoul, Fukuoka
CalgaryLos Angeles,
London, Paris,
Tokyo, New Delhi,
MontrealNew York City,
Paris, London,
Brussels, Oslo,
Tokyo, Shanghai
HalifaxNew York City,
Dublin, London,
Tokyo, New Delhi
Short international flights from Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and more

Shortest international flights around North America

The quickest getaways for many Canadians are to destinations throughout North America. Whether you’re on Canada’s east coast, west coast, or somewhere in the middle, one short flight can make a big trip to a new and exciting destination. There are lots of short international flights to choose from and ways to find the best flight deals.

New York City is just a short international flight away from most big cities in central and eastern Canada, making it a great destination to explore any time of year. You can enjoy the theatre, entertainment, and incomparable food culture of New York after a short flight from Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax. Flight prices are sometimes as low as $100 to $300 when you book flights at least one month in advance. One of the shortest international flights from Toronto is to Pittsburgh, a city often overlooked but also with a lot to offer travellers. And don’t rule out other east coast cities like Boston, Cleveland, and Washington D.C., which are all less than a two-hour flight away from Canada’s major east coast cities.

For Canadians living on the west coast, short flights from Vancouver are to Pacific destinations like Portland and Los Angeles. These two popular U.S. destinations are about one to five hours by flight from most large Canadian cities. If you’re in Alberta, some short flights from Calgary include Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Denver. With impressive natural landscapes and lots to offer any type of traveller, these U.S. destinations provide quick and affordable escapes for west coast Canadians.

shoreline on the coast in southern California, only a short international flight from Canada
Aren’t we all California dreaming right about now?

Shortest international flights to Europe

Canada’s position near the North Atlantic means that some of the shortest international flights are actually to Europe. Non-stop and single-stop flights to London can be done for less than $500 (one-way) in some cases and below $800 for a round-trip ticket from Canadian cities like Toronto and Montreal. In just half a day, you could be surrounded by landmark palaces, bridges, cathedrals, and museums of London, or you could start exploring the culture and cuisine of Edinburgh or Dublin.

Do you know the shortest flight route from Canada to Europe? It’s actually from Newfoundland to London, England. Departing from St. John’s and landing in London, Newfoundlanders can get to the European shores in just under five hours.

Another direct and short international flight from Canada to Europe is between Montreal and Paris. Whether you want to spark up some romance, get lost in the museums, or devour all the baguettes and out-of-this-world pastries, Paris is there for you. If you’re departing from western cities like Vancouver and Calgary there are cheap flight options to Europe, even if they mean a short layover in Toronto or elsewhere. Other destinations like Amsterdam, Madrid, and Frankfurt are the closest and most direct European cities to get to from Canada.

And don’t rule out Scandinavian countries when looking for short international flights from Canada. Toronto and Montreal tend to offer the lowest prices for airfare to capital cities like Oslo, Stockholm, and Reykjavik typically between $450 and $950. The shortest flight from Toronto Pearson Airport to Europe is actually tied between Reykjavik, Iceland, and Ponta Delgada, an island in the Atlantic far off the coast of Portugal. Travellers can fly from Toronto to either of these European destinations in just over five and a half hours.

st james park in London
Shortest international flights from Canada: London

Shortest international flights to Asia

Many of Canada’s main airports are closer than you think to the many opportunities for adventure that await in Asia. Short(ish) flight times can whisk you away to world-class cities like Tokyo or Fukuoka, Japan in 12 hours when leaving from Vancouver in western Canada, and just a bit more if leaving from Calgary. If you’re travelling from eastern cities such as Halifax, Montreal and Toronto then you can still have relatively short flights to cities like New Delhi and Hong Kong typically ranging from $700 – $1,200 round-trip.

Tokyo has a reputation for being an expensive city but you can book advance fares and flexible tickets to Japan’s economic and entertainment centre for under $1000 round-trip. Travelling from Vancouver to Seoul, South Korea takes a couple more hours and is priced similarly. Solo business travellers, adventurous young people, and entire families will enjoy the welcoming, exciting cities of Asia.

Seoul City Skyline, The best view of South Korea.
Shortest international flights from Canada: Seoul, South Korea

Short international flight times from Canada

Ready for that short flight for a cheap price? Take a look below and discover how long it takes to get from your closest major city in Canada to some seriously spectacular destinations.


Canadian CityEstimated Travel Time
Toronto7 hours
Vancouver9.5 hours
Calgary8.5 hours
Montreal6.5 hours
Halifax6 hours

New York

CityEstimated Travel Time
Toronto1.5 hours
Vancouver5 hours
Calgary4.5 hours
Montreal1.5 hours
Halifax2.5 hours


CityEstimated Travel Time
Toronto3 hours
Vancouver9 hours
Calgary8.5 hours
Montreal5.5 hours
Halifax7 hours


CityEstimated Travel Time
Toronto7 hours
Vancouver10 hours
Calgary9 hours
Montreal6.5 hours
Halifax10 hours


CityEstimated Travel Time
Toronto6.5 hours
Vancouver12 hours
Calgary11 hours
Montreal9.5 hours
Halifax13 hours


CityEstimated Travel Time
Toronto13 hours
Vancouver10 hours
Calgary13 hours
Montreal13 hours
Edmonton14 hours


CityEstimated Travel Time
Toronto4 hours
Vancouver6 hours
Calgary5.5 hours
Montreal5 hours
Halifax5.5 hours

Los Angeles

CityEstimated Travel Time
Toronto5 hours
Vancouver3 hours
Calgary3 hours
Montreal5.5 hours
Edmonton3.5 hours

*Originally published May 2017, updated May 2020. Prices correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change and/or availability.

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