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Book with the Multi-City Flight Tool and See More for Less

What is a Multi-City flight and how will this travel hack help you save money on flights? We’ll show you how to use Skyscanner’s Multi-City flight search to build the perfect itinerary for your globe-trotting adventure.

What is a Multi-City Flight?

The Multi-City flight search tool is one of our favourite travel hacks! A Multi-City flight simply means that you can have a connection in a city between your departure city and your destination. Another way to describe it would be a multiple-destination flight or a multi-stop flight wrapped into one booking. Unlike a direct or round-trip flight, a Multi-City itinerary typically includes three cities or more.

In other cases, a Multi-City flight may involve an extended stopover or layover on your way to your ultimate destination. And if you plan right, you can extend this layover so you have more time to visit and save some money on your flights along the way. Our Multi-City search tool makes it possible to add multiple locations to your trip so you can experience more, for less.

Finding the perfect Multi-City flight itinerary is easy once you’ve got the hang of things. Here’s how to buy cheap Multi-City flights using Skyscanner’s flight finder.

Learn how to book a multi-day layover to see another city for free.

How Do Multi-City Flights Work?

Multi-City flights work in a variety of ways, starting with a two-leg journey and going up to four (or even more if you’re a real jet-setter). A two-leg journey may involve a trip from Toronto to London and a return trip from Paris to Toronto, for example. To get from London to Paris, travellers may choose ground transportation, or to add a third leg to the trip.

Trips from North America or Europe to Asia or South America are ideal for Multi-City flights since they also break up long journeys. Travellers that experience deep-vein thrombosis, swelling, or other complications resulting from long flights may prefer segmenting their journey this way.

For instance, those headed from Montreal to Singapore may wish to stop in San Francisco for a few days. Or travellers en route from Calgary to Buenos Aires may want to split the 18-hour trip in two with a stop in Mexico City.

Then there are more complex multiple-destination flights. For instance, a summer tour of Europe will likely involve stops in several cities and countries. If planned in advance, all legs of the trip can be reserved in a single booking. Doing it this way can sometimes be much cheaper than booking each flight separately.

Are Multi-City Flights Cheaper?

When you book a Multi-City flight, you may already be saving money. Why are Multi-City flights cheaper? The simple answer is that they aren’t always. But if you plan routes effectively, especially around stopovers in hub destinations, you can essentially visit two or more cities for the price of one roundtrip.

If you’re wondering how to book cheap Multi-City flights to find the cheapest flight prices, your best bet is to be flexible. Leave wiggle room in your schedule so you can adjust dates around the cheapest flights available. And sometimes that means waiting for last-minute flight deals.

Be flexible with airports, too. Instead of plugging a specific airport into search, such as London Heathrow, select London (Any) to broaden your search results. Smaller airports often cater to low-cost carriers and as a result, will often have cheaper flights. You can also try out our Airports Near Me function, which is another helpful tool to find the best deals by flying out of alternative airports.

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use Multi-City Flights

Besides convenience, Multi-City flights are appealing because it allows you to see different cities for at a lower cost. For instance, if you fly out of Toronto, you can stop in Vancouver on your way to Hong Kong. Or if you’re travelling to India, you can stop in London or Dubai.

Many long-haul flights often require a stopover, so why not set aside a few extra days to explore. If you get creative, there are some amazing layover destinations waiting to be discovered. This is a perfect travel hack for your next getaway!

Step 1: Select ‘Multi-City’

Visit and select ‘Multi-City’ at the top of the search panel.

Skyscanner Canada's multi-city flight finder interface screenshot.
How to Search Multi-City Flights on Skyscanner

Step 2: Add another flight to your itinerary

Enter your first two destinations, dates, number of passengers, and class. Now click the Add another flight button at the bottom to build your itinerary.

Skyscanner Canada's multi-city flight finder interface screenshot.
How to Search Multi-City Flights on Skyscanner

Step 3: Add your desired travel dates

You can add up to four legs to your Multi-City flight search for a total of six flights. Once you’ve picked your destinations and added dates, click the green Search flights button in the bottom right.

Skyscanner Canada's multi-city flight finder interface screenshot.
How to Search Multi-City Flights on Skyscanner

Step 4: Pick and book your multi-city flight

You’ll now see all the flight options available based on your selections. Play around with your flight dates and locations to find that perfect route before making your final booking.

In this example, our flight finder shows that you can fly from Toronto to Hawaii, with stops in Las Vegas, Miami and Chicago, for under $1,000. In most cases, Multi-City flights can be much cheaper than multiple flights all booked at different times and places.

Skyscanner Canada's multi-city flight finder interface screenshot for booking the flights.
How to Search Multi-City Flights on Skyscanner

Wondering how to book Multi-City flights on Air Canada, WestJet or another airline of choice? Skyscanner searches all airlines for the best and cheapest itineraries available. Simply follow these steps and pick the airline you prefer in the results.

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Your next trip begins here! Select ‘Multi-City’ in the box below, then type in your departure city and destinations of choice, and get ready for your next adventure.