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Choose your next adventure with the Skyscanner Everywhere Search

Ready to find someplace new to explore on your next vacation? Skyscanner can help with our Everywhere feature. Return One way Multi-city From Add nearby airports Click here to swap locations To Add nearby airports Depart Return Cabin Class & Travellers ? Direct flights only Search flights

Why plan your next vacation from start to finish? Let Skyscanner do the work for you. The Skyscanner Everywhere search tool is an ideal way to plan your next vacation to the cheapest destinations around from your chosen departure city. Read on for instructions on how to use this handy tool for travellers on any type of budget.

How to Use the Skyscanner Everywhere Search

1. Enter Your Departure City

Enter the departure point of choice. You can choose to fly out of a specific airport, city or the entire country. You can also click on the “add nearby airports” option to ensure you are getting the best deal out there. 

Using the Skyscanner Everywhere Search
Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ Search | Skyscanner Canada

2. Enter your destination as ‘everywhere’

Just type “everywhere” in the “to:” box to search for anywhere and everywhere in the world. 

Skyscanner Everywhere Search: Where to Next?
Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ Search | Skyscanner Canada

3. Choose the whole month search if you are flexible to find the cheapest days to travel

It’s time to enter the particulars about the trip: Enter in your desired date of travel, the number of passengers, as well as the specific age groups of the travellers. There is also the option to choose the Whole Month search, which will automatically bring up flights for the cheapest month available. This is ideal for flexible travellers!

4. Click ‘search’ and find hundreds of flight deals

Just click on ‘search’! The page will load within moments with lots of options and flights to choose from. 

Skyscanner Everywhere Search tool
Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ Search | Skyscanner Canada

5. Extend your travels with a multi-destination search

Skyscanner scours the Internet for the best destinations around the world, showing each option in order of cost. It’s just that easy! You have the option to pick non-stop only flights, and 1 or 2-stop flights which might be cheaper. It all depends on your time and budget. Want to head to multiple destinations? Skyscanner provides users with the Multi-city search, for travellers who want to extend their adventure to multiple destinations. 

Skyscanner Everywhere Search
Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ Search | Skyscanner Canada

Choose your next adventure with Skyscanner

What are you waiting for? Choose your next adventure below and begin your search for the cheapest flights using the Skyscanner Everywhere search. Enjoy!