Cheap flights to Iran

Cheap flights to Iran

In ancient times, the mighty nation of Persia was renowned throughout the world for its culture, architecture, and already rich and dramatic history. Many who come to Iran are drawn by the mystic and expansive ruins of Persepolis, a city that once ruled most of the known world. Upon arrival, there is a myriad of other sights, sounds, and tastes to discover throughout the country. Both ground and air transportation are readily available within and to the country, which has several regions and provinces to explore. The Black Sea and ranges of snow-capped mountains are in the north, with most of the bigger cities and farmlands in the northwest where there is more fresh water. The southern part of the country is more arid, made up mostly of deserts and oil fields as you get closer to the Persian Gulf.

What to do and Attractions in Iran

The detailed and compelling history of this antiquated region is just the beginning of your journey. The remains of Parsa, the great city also known by its Greek name of Persepolis, was one of four major cities that influenced civilization in its antiquity. As thrilling as it is, your journey through history can continue to several other places throughout Tehran and the country that are lesser known. Naturalists will also have plenty to do, as the country is home to many different ecosystems and terrain, from hot seaside deserts to snow-capped mountains. Don't forget your inner foodie, and be sure to sample both street food and cafe culture in virtually any urban setting.

Best time to fly to Iran

The ideal travel time depends on your preferences. March to May has the best temperatures and weather, along with the festival of No Ruz taking place between March 21st and April 3rd. However, prices are higher and every venue is more crowded. The shores of the Caspian Sea and the city of Ramsa are scenic, pleasant vacation spots that are great for hiking in the cooler months of spring or fall. The northern, mountainous part of Iran is popular for skiing between November and February, the coldest months of the year.

Airports in Iran

There are more than 300 airports throughout the country, and you have a lot of options available to those looking for cheap flights within and to Iran. The country’s major airport is Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA), which handles both domestic and international traffic, and is located just outside of the capital city, Tehran. The country’s central location where East meets West on the Asian continent makes the region a bustling transportation hub that handles both short national trips and long-haul flights from virtually everywhere on the globe. That includes Canada, where you can catch a direct flight to Tehran from YYZ on Lufthansa.

Tips and Additional Advisory

Despite any negative stereotypes that you may have heard, Iran is a friendly country that is generally safe, although some areas suffer from a high crime rate. In fact, the Persian people are renowned for their hospitality and give visitors a warm welcome. The nuclear-related sanctions did hurt the country economically but were lifted in 2016, and tourism and travel are increasing rapidly. Presently, visitors are advised to stay away from the borders of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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