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The thought of traveling to Asia is likely to conjure up images that you've caught in magazines and the television from time to time. Glimpses of the feverish pace of life of Shanghai or Tokyo, of the bustling markets of Hanoi, Hong Kong, or New Delhi, of the sensory overload of sights, sounds, flavors and aromas, of astounding natural and man-made beauty, and of endless passages of spirituality. Asia promises all this to the visitor and more.

Knowing where you want to go, and getting there

To those who love the idea of experiencing cultures that they have never known before, the value for money that the vast majority of destinations in Asia offer, can nevertheless be one of the top draws. When you use tools like Skyscanner, you get to easily locate great flights to multiple Asian destinations, and find quality hotels at every location, at surprisingly competitive prices.

The visa policies of various countries in Asia can help you make your mind up where to go. Canadians are able to either travel visa-free or apply for visas on arrival in most countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia. The United Arab Emirates grants visas on arrival, as well, but China only grants them to visitor staying three days or less. Longer stays require visas arranged in advance.

When should you travel to Asia?

In general, since Asia gets very warm and wet in summer, it's a good idea to go either between March and May or between September and November. A lot depends on the kind of experiences that you have in mind, however. If you're traveling for winter sports, obviously, winter is the best time to go. In general, the months of February March and April are great for cultural tourism. China and Hong Kong celebrate their New Year in February, for example, and the month of April sees New Year celebrations in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia.

What do you get to experience in Asia?

Asia can give you a lifetime's worth of experiences. Nowhere else in the world do you get to experience gleaming skyscrapers and bullet trains cheek-by-jowl with ancient temples and spirituality as you see in China, extreme wealth and extreme poverty next to each other as in India, or living cultures and artifacts that go back millennia. From the Angkor Wat temple complex of Cambodia that has inspired a thousand kitschy creations in the West to the subterranean terra-cotta army of Emperor Qin's Tomb, the Taj Mahal to the 3,000-year-old temples of Madurai in southern India, and from the Great Wall of China to the Dragon-themed festivals of Far East, the staggering variety of the epic expanse of Asia can enrich the soul the way little else can.

There is an immense amount of fun to be had, as well. You could take a year just to sample the maddeningly delicious street cuisines of Asia's different cultures or pampering yourself at resorts that practice traditional medicine. Skyscanner has a great resort search engine for those whose interests lie in this direction.

Seeing things from the scorching sand dunes of the Gobi Desert to the crowded markets of India or the Middle East to the towering peaks of the Himalayas, you can spend years simply taking in the sights, as well.

To those who haven't ever ventured into this region of impossibly rich experiences, Asia is something to put on your bucket list. You have to see it to believe how much is possible here.

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