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WestJet Baggage Policy 2019

Flying with WestJet? Knowing exactly what you can and can’t pack based on WestJet policies will make your flight experience seamless and stress-free. Read on to learn everything there is to know about the WestJet baggage policy!

WestJet Baggage Policy, in Brief

These are the general guidelines when it comes to WestJet’s baggage policy.

  • One piece of carry-on baggage and one personal item per person.
  • A maximum of 100ml (100 grams) for any individually packaged liquid or gel.
  • Checked baggage allowance and fees vary based on flight route and seat class.
  • Sporting equipment must meet weight and size restrictions of baggage. Sports items must not exceed 3 metres (118 in.) in length.
  • WestJet permits mobility devices (wheelchair, walker, etc.) free of charge.

For more information on general rules and restricted items for your carry-on baggage for airlines in Canada, click here.

WestJet Carry-On Baggage Allowance

NumberOne piece of carry-on
baggage and
one personal item
per person.
Passengers with an
infant on their lap
can take two additional
infant care items.
Passengers travelling
with kids in a paid
seat may take one
extra child care item.
SizeCarry-on size
restrictions are a
maximum of
53 cm x 38 cm x 23 cm
(21 in. x 15 in. x 9 in.).
For personal items,
the WestJet carry on
maximum allowed size
is 41 cm x 33 cm x 15 cm.
(16 in. x 13 in. x 6 in.).
Extra baggage feesAdditional baggage
fees apply for items
that exceed the
Westjet carry-on
size allowance.
Although there is no
written WestJet carry-on
weight specified, bags
must fit in the overhead
bins or under the seat, with
out requiring assistance.

For the latest information on WestJet’s carry-on baggage policy, head to their website.

WestJet Checked Baggage Allowance

PriceFor base fares:
all checked baggage
requires fees.
Fees start from C$36
and increase for each
additional bag.
Premium &
Business Class:
1st piece of
checked baggage
is free.
Size & weightFor checked baggage,
the general rule of thumb
is to not exceed 157 cm
in total and not weigh
more than 23 kg.
Oversized baggage
must be between
158 cm – 203 cm
(62 in. – 80 in.)
in combined dimensions,
and weigh between 23 kg
(50 lb.) to 45 kg (100lb.).
Oversized baggage fees
apply, so expect to pay
around C$118 if your bag
falls under this category.
MilitaryActive or veteran Canadian
military personnel are able
to have their baggage fees
waived by WestJet.
Military personnel can
carry up to four bags
on WestJet flights
and up to three bags on
WestJet Encore flights.
There is no charge for
oversized or overweight
baggage either.

For more information on specific checked baggage prices not listed on this guide to WestJet baggage policy, visit the WestJet baggage fee page on their website.

WestJet Baggage Policy Restricted Items

Please note that the TSA regulates the carry-on liquid policy, which means that it is the same for all airlines.

Carry-onLiquids and gels in
carry-on bags must
not exceed 100ml
or 100g (3.4 oz)

and must be in marked
Liquids and gels
that don’t meet
these requirements
will be confiscated
at security.
General restrictionsThere is a comprehensive
list of restricted items here.
Filter through specific
categories and items not
mentioned in this guide to
WestJet baggage rules.
The items on this list
are potentially harmful
or hazardous for
the in-cabin
environment but
might be allowed in
checked baggage.
Medical EquipmentBatteries in portable
medical devices are
often considered
dangerous (WestJet
must approve these).
The medical device
might also be restricted
during certain parts of
the flight (take-off/landing)
Needles & syringes only
permitted in carry-on if
there is medication that
accompanies it, and it
labelled properly.
In every case,
it’s best to contact
the airline at least
48 hrs
before your flight.

For more information on restricted items on WestJet, check their website.

Can I Travel with Cannabis?

Cannabis: When travelling outside of Canada, passengers cannot bring cannabis with them on the plane. When travelling within Canada, passengers may travel with a maximum of 30 grams of marijuana in their carry-on or checked luggage.

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mother and son with luggage waiting at the airport gate
WestJet Baggage Policy 2019

Tips for WestJet baggage policy

Airport Rules: Ensure that you are following the rules of the airport you are flying from. In some cases, especially when travelling abroad, the airport may have different rules than those listed in our guide to WestJet’s baggage policy. Verifying that you are following airport rules in addition to WestJet rules will save time and help you get through security smoothly.

Tips for Carrying Liquids: Remember to empty your water bottle before arriving at security. Having an open bottle of water will lead to security stopping you, and is an issue that can often take a long time to resolve. Empty water bottles are fine to bring through security. Any liquid over 100ml is strictly prohibited, so make sure you follow to this security rule.

Flying with WestJet

Following WestJet baggage policy, as well as the rules of the airport you are flying out of will make your experience much more enjoyable and stress-free. Remember to double-check this guide to WestJet’s baggage rules before packing for any WestJet flight. Find cheap flights on Skyscanner with WestJet today!

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