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Carry-on Luggage Restrictions: Odd Items

Don’t get into baggage trouble! We reveal 10 things you’d be surprised you can’t take on the plane in your carry-on luggage.

Canada has strict security measures in place to stop “dangerous” items from being taken on a flight. While it’s obvious that tons of liquid items and all forms of ammunition are prohibited, other restricted items might come as a surprise to some travellers. Here are ten odd items that are included in the list of many carry-on luggage restrictions.

Two backpacks resting against a door.

10 Items Not Allowed in Your Carry-on Luggage

1. Tent stakes

Flying to a music festival? Camping? Remember not to carry your tent stakes in your hand luggage as they’ll get confiscated as per the carry-on luggage restrictions. Tents, tent poles and folded tents packed without stakes or poles are acceptable on board.

2. (Multiple) cigarette lighters

Considering the official line, “you can’t take any objects in your hand baggage that could cause injury to yourself and other passengers,” you can take a lighter on the plane. But no more than one.

If you’re carting more than one lighter on board, “you must keep the lighter on your person throughout the flight.” This means you are not allowed to return it to your hand baggage after you go through security.

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3. Soup

While you might argue that a one-person portion of chicken and mushroom soup bears less threat to the safety of your fellow passengers than a lighter, liquid is liquid. No amount of liquid (in any form!) that’s 101 ml or more is ever allowed on a flight! 

Travel Tip: Bring a reusable water bottle with you whenever you travel, which can easily be refilled at one of the many water fountains at the airport once you’ve gone through security. This will help reduce needless plastic waste and save you money!

4. Separating one big bottle into little ones

You may think that you can get around the liquids rule by decanting big bottles into lots of little containers, but NO. According to the Canadian government’s recommendations: “You are allowed a single one litre (1 quart) clear, closed, re-sealable bag containing your liquids, food and personal items in your carry-on baggage. All containers of liquids, non-solid food and personal items must be 100 ml/100 grams (3.4 oz) or less and must fit in this bag.”

5. Golf clubs

While they are allowed in your checked baggage, golf clubs of any kind are not allowed as carry-on items. So prepare ahead if you plan to go on a weekend golf getaway as they are part of the carry-on luggage restrictions for Canada. 

golf clubs at outdoor golf course. Carry-on luggage restrictions.
Carry-on Luggage Restrictions: Odd Items | Skyscanner Canada

6. Hockey sticks

All hockey players and fans must leave their hockey sticks at check-in, for they aren’t allowed in your carry-on. The same thing goes for lacrosse sticks and arrows for archery. While some other sports racquets and balls might be allowed in your carry-on, it’s better to check with the specific airline you are travelling with beforehand.

7. Fishing hooks longer than 6 cm

Why you’d want to take a harpoon with you is your business. But if you’re off on a whaling holiday, it’ll have to be checked if you plan to travel with a long fishing hook. But you’re in luck. As per carry-on luggage restrictions, fishing poles without hooks or hooks that measure less than 6 centimetres are allowed on the plane. 

fishing rod for your hand luggage. Carry-on luggage restrictions
Carry-on Luggage Restrictions: Odd Items | Skyscanner Canada

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8. Drills and other tools

If you are a jet-set joiner or plumber, check-in bag fees will eat into your income. As per carry-on luggage restrictions, you are not permitted to take essential toolbag items such as screwdrivers, spanners, pliers, saws, drills or drill bits on the plane. However, drill bits measuring 6 centimetres or less are allowed in carry-on. 

9. Peroxide

From tear gas to infected blood and fire extinguishers, “Chemicals and Toxic Substances” are a definitive NO. This includes substances such as peroxide and any caustic materials like liquid bleach or chlorine. So if you’re off to Malia with your pals and you’re all planning bleach your hair somewhere along the way, do it before you leave or buy a bottle following your arrival.

10. Items that look like weapons

Do you have a gun-shaped pen or a perfume bottle in the form of a grenade? Better to keep it in your checked baggage, because it will probably be confiscated at security. Any item that resembles a weapon is not allowed in your carry-on, even if it’s not a weapon. There’s even a specific mention in the list of carry-on luggage restrictions for gun-shaped belt buckles. 

Need More Clarification on Carry-on Luggage Restrictions?

If the banning of soup, power tools, and sports equipment still seem a little unclear, you can check out the official guidelines to make sure everything in your carry-on is security approved… before you get there!

Disclaimer: Information correct as of November 4, 2018, obtained from and Always check the latest guidance from official sources before booking your trip.