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Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto has one of the most interesting and diverse dining scenes in Canada; you can travel the world through the restaurants in the city without having to renew your passport. Sample the flavours of Southeast Asia below at some of the best Thai restaurants in Toronto.

Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto

  • Khao San Road
  • Pai
  • Nana
  • Sukhothai
  • Salad King
  • Sabai Sabai

Khao San Road

11 Charlotte St.

Named after one of the famous tourist streets in Bangkok, Khao San Road is famous for having some of the best Thai food in Toronto. Recently relocated to a swanky and modern space on Charlotte Street that allows for more seating in this busy spot, Khao San Road is well-known for their pad Thai. Try it Bangkok style!

serving of pad thai noodles with shrimp and spices
Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto


785 Queen St. West

Brought to you by the same owner of Khao San Road, Nana is located among the hustle of Queen Street West. Serving a wider variety of dishes than the Khao San Road menu, Nana is known for its menu that is inspired by street food you’d find in Thailand.

Expect a similar dining style as you’d see in Thailand – shared tables and everything!

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Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

18 Duncan St.

Pai is one of the best Thai restaurants in Toronto for those looking for some authentic northern Thai food in the city. Named after a popular tourist town in northern Thailand, Pai has a menu that will satisfy your Thai food cravings.

Try one of their curries or other traditional dishes on their menu. However, if you aren’t in the mood to wait in line and don’t have a reservation, you can also visit their takeout station or have their food delivered right to your door.


With three locations (275 Parliament St., 52 Wellington St. East and 1442 Dundas St. West), Sukhothai was started by a couple that fell in love and opened a restaurant in Thailand, and later brought their experience back to Toronto. Khao soi is a fan favourite off the menu, which is a delicious bowl of egg noodle curry soup with coconut milk and spices – the perfect meal for cold weather!

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, which means there is no shortage of authentic cuisines for you to try. I’m a firm believer that you can find something that tastes just as good as eating it in its origin country on the streets of Toronto and these are just a few great Thai restaurants to prove that point.

plate of mango sticky rice with wooden cutlery
Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto

Salad King

340 Yonge St.

Salad King in Toronto is a classic Thai spot for students given its great food for a low cost and its close proximity to Ryerson University. The great thing about this restaurant is the large capacity they have.

Expect to be at a shared table when your delicious (and cheap) curry, spring rolls or pad Thai gets plopped down in front of you.

Sabai Sabai

81 Bloor St. E

Located on Yonge and Bloor (moved from its original location on Church Street), Sabai Sabai translated means peace, tranquility and a sense of well-being in Thai. If you’re looking to sample the unique flavours of Northern Thailand, try this popular Toronto restaurant.

Because Sabai Sabai’s menu is inspired by Northern Thailand and Laos, expect to get sticky rice with every meal (and don’t be afraid to use your hands to eat it). If you’ve ever travelled through Southeast Asia, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find bottles of the popular Beerlao here. Beef khao soi is one of their signature dishes and a must-try! And don’t forget to leave room for some mango sticky rice for dessert.

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