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Best Korean Restaurants in Toronto

In Toronto, there are a number of delicious Korean restaurants that serve a mixture of bibimbap, kimchi, pork belly, and Korean-style BBQ. These restaurants are known for serving authentic dishes in a laid-back environment. For visitors to the city, check out these popular Korean restaurants.

Whether you want to try a different type of cuisine or you’re looking for a taste of home, finding an authentic restaurant is important for the best experience. There are many different types of international cuisine to try on your trip to Toronto, and Korean food is one of the most interesting and popular choices.

If you find yourself craving some Korean barbecue, noodle soup, or kimchi, here are some of the best places you can book a table in Toronto.

Korean Village Restaurant

Several celebrities have eaten at Korean Village Restaurant on Bloor St., including Jackie Chan, Nelly Furtado, and Olivia Chow. This Toronto Korean joint has an extensive menu, giving you many options to delve into the best of Korean cuisine.

Popular items on the menu include pork belly, banchan (side dishes), and DIY BBQ kalbi (beef short ribs). The restaurant has been in business since 1978 and has maintained a comfortable, classy atmosphere inside.

Similar to restaurants in Korea, Korean Village Restaurant offers private dining rooms. They have a total of seven private rooms that guests can reserve. Each private room has a button that you can press to alert the servers. The largest private room at Korean Village Restaurant can accommodate 14 people if you have a group flying to Toronto.

bowl of korean bibimbap
Best Korean Restaurants in Toronto

Cho Sun Ok

A trendy restaurant in Toronto, Cho Sun Ok is another top choice for Korean food. Some of their most popular dishes are naengmyeon (thin arrowroot noodles in icy broth), bibimbap, and pork bone soup.

One of the best Korean restaurants in Toronto, Cho Sun Ok uses only high-quality ingredients and cooks their meals in a traditional way. The restaurant has a contemporary design and has undergone several renovations since its founding in 2005 in order to increase seating capacity. Even with 80 seats available, Cho Sun Ok is often busy due to the delicious food, so book ahead of your visit.

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Kimchi Korea House

Kimchi Korea House is a spacious Korean restaurant in Toronto that has great service and delicious food. If you fly to Toronto, you’ll find the portions at Kimchi Korea House are generous and full of flavour. The restaurant is known for its pork bone soup, bibimbap, seafood pancakes, kimchi stew, and bulgogi.

Inspired by Asian decor with an overall modern style, the interior of this restaurant is comprised of rice paper screens, dark woods, and red vinyl banquettes.

korean bbq and side dishes
Best Korean Restaurants in Toronto

Makkal Chon

Makkal Chon is ideal if you’re looking for a Korean restaurant in Toronto with a more cozy and intimate vibe. This beloved Toronto restaurant uses organic ingredients to cook its menu items. Makkal Chon offers excellent service and a fun, laid-back atmosphere.

Meals excel both in quality and quantity. You won’t leave feeling hungry. Inside the restaurant, the decor features wood-beamed ceilings and pendant lights. Some of their top dishes are vegetable wraps, BBQ meat, and bibimbap. Planning an event? Makkal Chon offers party tray and catering services, too.

Whenever you’re craving authentic Korean food in Toronto, any of the restaurants listed above would make a great choice. All of the Korean restaurants on this list, for instance, offer bibimbap in the traditional stone bowl. Each has its own charms and menus but also offers many interpretations of Korea’s most popular foods. For a wide variety of dishes to choose from, Korean Village Restaurant is the top choice on your visit to Toronto.