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Situated between Australia and Hawaii, the Pacific Ocean's Marshall Islands are made up of 29 coral atolls and 1,156 tropical islands and islets. Despite not having much tourism infrastructure, these scenic islands offer a picturesque landscape and diverse wildlife that appeals to adventurous tourists. While the Marshall Islands have dozens of regional airports, they only host one international airport, Marshall Islands International Airport (MAJ).

That being said, MAJ still primarily hosts domestic flights with a couple of destinations in Guam and Hawaii. So, overall, this Pacific nation isn't especially well-connected to the outside world! If you're feeling brave enough to plan a visit, use Skyscanner's Cheapest Month and Price Alerts tools to find the best prices on Marshall Islands airfare.

Best Time to Book a Flight to Marshall Islands

Featuring a tropical climate, the Marshall Islands experience their dry season between December and April, and then frequent rainfall from May into November. Since the rainy season can include tropical storms, these months are usually avoided by outsiders. Otherwise, temperatures here are usually hot and summery, so you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Finally, keep in mind that beyond the USA and neighbouring island nations, most international travellers require a visa to visit the Marshall Islands. This rule applies especially to holidays longer than 90 days.

Airlines That Fly to Marshall Islands

A few domestic and international airlines fly out of Marshall Islands International Airport (MAJ), including:

  • Air Marshall Islands
  • Nauru Airlines
  • United Airlines

What to Expect When Arriving in Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands International Airport (MAJ) is situated between the town of Rairok and Majuro, the nation's capital. Built during World War II, this airport is tiny by international standards. Beyond propeller planes, MAJ is only equipped to handle small to medium-sized airplanes. Inside the airport, you'll find a variety of gift shops, a convenience store, and dining establishments like AKIA Café and Harry's Bar. There's also a banking counter and a postal office. To reach your holiday accommodations on the Marshall Islands, you can rent a car on-site at Majuro Motors Rental or take a taxi, which usually costs no more than $0.75 per trip on Majuro Atoll. The official currency is the US dollar, since the Marshall Islands are a former American territory.

What to See and Do in Marshall Islands

As mentioned above, the Marshall Islands are fairly underdeveloped when it comes to tourism infrastructure. However, the islands are very picturesque with white sand beaches and dazzling blue waves. The ocean also holds a tremendous amount of aquatic wildlife, including over 250 species of fish, 22 types of sharks, and many sea turtles. Here, shark conservation is treated as sacred. Back in late 2011, the government appointed a 2,000,000 square km span of ocean where it's illegal to trap sharks. Catch and release must be practiced if these animals are accidentally caught.

A major downfall when visiting the Marshall Islands is the lack of clean drinking water. The nation's population growth has made this resource scarce. Furthermore, there are few available pharmacies. So, it's recommended that travellers bring their own medication in case of food poisoning or indigestion. To find the best hotels on Marshall Islands, check out Skyscanner's listings.

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