Cheap flights to Grenada

Cheap Flights to Grenada

The Caribbean island nation of Grenada (not to be confused with Granada, the city in Spain) is a blend of perfect, glittering, jewel-like waters, pretty little rivers and waterfalls, and lush jungles. When people think of Grenada, however, its epithet is what usually comes to mind first -- it's often called Spice Island. The reason becomes obvious enough the moment you land -- the fragrance of nutmeg and mace waft in the air.

Grenada is successful at growing high-quality spices for the world market. Smells tend to make for very strong memories; once you return home after a trip to Grenada, you'll forever associate the fragrance of spices with the wonderful times that you had here.

The essentials -- when and how to come to Grenada

If it's cold outside and you feel like a vacation, you should think of Grenada; it is one of the cheapest of the top-tier Caribbean island paradise destinations. It's possible to make it here on a budget of C$150 a day, and have a perfectly good time. If you use a service like Skyscanner for your travel deals, you can put your trip together for very little, indeed. There is little else to think about -- Canadians require no visas to travel here.

As you might expect it's always warm in Grenada; it's a tropical island, after all. Before you plan your trip, however, you need to check the weather forecast. The period between December and April is the driest and mildest. You're most likely to have a good time coming in this period. You'll probably manage a much cheaper flights and hotel prices coming in the monsoon between June and November, but it rains most of the time. You should only venture forth if you have a clear forecast.

Making the most of your time in Grenada

Coming to the island of spice, you probably want to see what the spice plantations are like. You'll see them near the Gouyave area, where they grow them and process them by hand -- clove, nutmeg, mace and even cocoa. You can buy a bag for five dollars.

If you love waterfalls, you're in for a great time in Grenada. Just a few miles north of St. George's, the capital, is Concorde Falls. It's a set of three cascades, each a different height. On a good day, when flow isn't too heavy, you can even get in there. Annandale Falls near the Main Interior road is even more beautiful -- it fills up a stunning natural pool that's wonderful to swim in.

Bathway Beach in Levera National Park on the northeastern edge of Grenada is a wonderful place to swim in. Ordinarily, the currents all around Grenada tend to be too powerful for any meaningful swimming more than a few feet from shore. At this point, however, there is a large coral reef underwater that keeps the currents from exerting too much influence. You get to swim in the Atlantic to your heart's content.

Grenada is a holiday destination that truly checks every box that you are likely to have on your checklist -- it's beautiful, friendly, has all kinds of activities, and it's affordable. It's hard to ask for more.

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