Cheap flights to Lebanon

Cheap Flights to Lebanon

Lebanon is one of the most intriguing countries of the Middle East. This tiny nation that sometimes gets caught in the crossfire of Israel's wars is as ancient as many countries in this region but is also ultramodern and Western in both its economy and its culture, a rarity in this part of the world.

From the eerie Phoenician graves of Tyre and the vast Roman architecture of the Temple of Baalbek to the EDM dance scene of the Quarantaine neighborhood of Beirut, and from the 14th-century Mamluk-era souks, silk-spinners, castles and madrassas of Tripoli to Bernard Khoury's movement and the Jounieh nightclub district, the ability of Lebanese culture to exist in the past, the present and the future all at once comes with a special atmosphere.

Add to all this the fact that Lebanon actually has ski slopes up in the mountains not far from Beirut, and visitors often wonder what to make of this curiously beautiful land.

Lebanon was once known as the Paris of the Orient, and it's evident that the country works hard for the title.

Essential information on traveling to Lebanon

Before you travel, you should keep in mind that the Canadian government has a travel advisory out, asking citizens to avoid nonessential travel. It is for reasons of poor levels of security for Westerners.

Single-entry 30-day renewable visas are granted to Canadian citizens on arrival at Rafiq Hariri International Airport in Beirut. Travelers need to keep in mind that Lebanon, like other Islamic countries, is party to the Arab boycott of Israel. If there is evidence that you've traveled to Israel, passport control won't let you through. It is for this reason that Israel no longer stamps passports when people come in. Even if your passport bears no sign of your having traveled to Israel, you will still be asked point blank if you've done it. While they'll take your word for it, if you've been to Israel, you need to be prepared to answer the question.

If the idea of skiing in the Middle East tickles you, you should go in winter, preferably in January. The rest of the year is great for everything else -- the beaches and the nightclubs, and hikes through the country's famous cedar forest trails. Since Lebanon is very popular with tourists year-round, it's important to plan your trip well in advance. Travel reservation services like Skyscanner can be tremendously helpful finding those elusive cheap fares and hotel prices.

Lebanon is so small there is no domestic air service. You can get around fine by renting cars, or by taxi or bus. Traveling by public transportation is the best way to both see the country and get to know the very friendly people of this country.

There's so much to do in Lebanon

Since you arrive in Beirut, it makes sense to do as much of your sightseeing in the city to begin. The Qadisha and Jeita Grottos; the Neolithic, Greek and Roman archaeological sites of Byblos and Al-Bass; the Shouf Biosphere, and the museums of Savon, Gibran and Beirut are all great places to visit. The fine architecture of Main Square, the Sea and Crusader castles and the Temple of Baalbek are all significant to tourists. So is a trip to the town of Tripoli, which you can easily spend a couple of days in.

Lebanon can be both a playground and a place that expands your mind. If you've always wanted to visit a part of the world that challenged your mind, this is a country to try.

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