Cheap flights to Israel

Cheap Flights to Israel

As small as Israel is, the country packs great opportunity for fun and action for the tourist. One of the most remarkable feelings of a visit to Israel comes from the fact that it is one of the most ancient and historically significant places on earth. Every holy name that you've ever heard of, from Bethlehem, where the Christ was born, to the Dome of Rock, where the Islamic prophet Mohammed rose to heaven, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where Jesus was crucified, resonates with religious significance. Even if you aren't religious, knowledge of the significance of this country to Christianity, Islam and Judaism is often enough to infect you with a sense of gravitas.

When and how to fly to Israel

If you're Canadian, you get a free visa on arrival. If you've heard that the stamp in your passport indicating travel to Israel will make you persona non grata in every Islamic country, it's outdated information now. Israel no longer puts its visas in the passports of travelers; instead, visas are separate paper documents that have nothing to do with passports.

As part of a desert region, Israeli summers, which last from April to October, can be hot and dry. If possible, you should pick a different time. Between February and March can be the best times, because it's when the country is in full bloom. Starting at the end of March, Israel tends to get a lot of rain, which can make it hard to look around.

Israel doesn't get as many airline connections as other countries, and flights can be expensive for this reason.  The fact that El Al, the airline of Israel, needs special aircraft, adds to the cost. These aircraft come with special, heavy-duty metal skins and antimissile laser countermeasures built in. Israel's hotels are some of the most expensive in the world, too. The average hotel room in Tel Aviv can be as expensive as $223 a night, close to Paris, which is a much more popular destination. Here, too, security at every single hotel adds to the cost.

Avoiding important religious times such as Passover, and being open to taking connecting flights at any one of Israel's seven cities with international airports can help lower the price. For both flights and hotels, you can use tools such as Skyscanner to study fares and hotel prices before buying.

Since Israel holds special religious significance to three different religions, you will see many religious locations and a great deal of religious activity everywhere you look. With the country being as deeply religious as it is, tourists, in general, are encouraged to dress and act with restraint.

Finding out what to do in Israel

If you have religious travel in mind when you arrive in Israel, you will certainly know where to go. For other kinds of fun, however Tel Aviv has lots of opportunities. The powdery white sands of Gordon Frischman Beach, the high-quality wares of the Carmel or Nahalat Binyamin Markets, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the White City, and the shopping district of Neve Tzedek, are all wonderful destinations.

There's a lot of history in Tel Aviv, however, and it can be fun to simply stroll through the streets, to absorb some of it. Jaffa, south of Tel Aviv, is a beautifully maintained town of quaint little medieval streets full of boutiques and cafés. You can also enjoy a day trip to the Dead Sea or the City of David.

There are few places on Earth that come with the historical significance of Israel. A trip to this country should be on everyone's bucket list.

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