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Cheap Flights to San Juan Luis Munoz Marin Airport

With giant highways, a subway mass transit train system, vast shopping malls and many other modern trappings, San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, is easily the most modern of any city in the Caribbean region. As much as San Juan owes to the US mainland for the modernity of its infrastructure, however, its people are proud of their criollo roots, a wonderful and dynamic amalgam of cultures from all over the Caribbean.

Hard-core partying, for example, is one of the most noticeable and endearing qualities of the people of San Juan. While a love of festivities may be a Caribbean and Latin American cultural trait, San Juan tends to take celebrating to a different level altogether. Visiting San Juan is as much about the sights to see as it is about the wonderful and magnetic culture of its people.

The essentials: traveling to San Juan

Canadians require no visa to travel to Puerto Rico; immigration is a simple matter of presenting passports at the counter. Most people choose to come in winter to be able to escape the cold weather of their hometowns up north; the city tends to be warm then, but not too warm. The demand can mean that the high season from December to February is expensive. Planning well ahead with a tool like Skyscanner can help you find the most favorable prices for flights, hotels and car rentals.

You can also come during the quieter summer months. While it's much hotter then, it can be great if you want to go swimming and diving. You won't need a wetsuit, and the water is warm. The hotels offer much better prices then, as well. However, there is a chance of hurricanes.

San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín Airport consists of five terminals. While these terminals are well provisioned with shops and dining facilities, they tend to shut down at night. If you're considering spending the night at one of these terminals, it is unlikely to be very comfortable. No one is allowed to sleep in the departures area, for instance. Everyone needs to pass through security and move to the arrivals side. Even sleepers on the arrivals side are sometimes woken up by security personnel and sent out. If you do want to try your luck, terminals A and B are the quietest, and the best-equipped with obstruction-free benches.

Wi-Fi is available at the airport, but for a fee. Access to the lounge is available for C$35. If you happen to be stranded for any reason, this airport has a desk by a nonprofit called Traveler's Aid.

Once you are ready to leave the airport, there are buses to take, but they don't accept luggage. Depending where you want to go, a taxi can cost C$25.

Taking in the city of San Juan

San Juan is great for every level of travel budget. If you have a strict limit, it's easy to get by on C$150 a day. For the money, you can get a budget hotel, meals at diners and public transportation.

The historical downtown area of old San Juan is a quiet neighborhood with classical Spanish architecture, interesting little cobblestone streets and brightly painted, flower-decorated houses. It can be fun to roam these winding streets for a while before you make your way to other attractions. The dignified El Morro fortress that protrudes into San Juan Bay, the beautiful old cemetery, the supremely beautiful beach off Isla Verde east of the old quarter and the Museo de Las Américas that chronicles the island's rich past, are all captivating places to visit. There's a lot of fun to be had, as well, with the city's inventive Caribbean restaurants and the nightlife that erupts when the sun goes down. The Santruce barrio is particularly famed in this area.

Puerto Rico is a wonderful place to visit -- whether you're on a budget or have money to burn.

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