Cheap Flights to St. Pierre and Miquelon

Once upon the Age of Exploration, European powers were exploring North America and establishing colonies to assert their global power. The colonies of New France that were established in Canada and in New England have long since become independent, but if you think nothing remains of this bygone era, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. St. Pierre and Miquelon, several tiny islands that lie just off the southern coast of Newfoundland, are part of what is called an overseas collectivity, a self-governing nation that is still a part of New France. In fact, this could be the oldest surviving colony, with French settlement dating back to the early 1500s.

There are two airports that serve this small region, with covers just over 242 square kilometers and has a population that hovers around 6000 people.

  • Miquelon Airport (MQC) is the smaller of the two, with a single airline that only goes to one destination, St. Pierre.
  • Saint-Pierre Airport (FSP) is a much bigger airport that consists of four buildings and has connections to the mainland.

Airlines that fly to St. Pierre and Miquelon

The national airline of St. Pierre and Miquelon is Air Saint-Pierre, and at this time no other airline serves this route. Long-haul international flights connect with the bigger carriers in Halifax or Montreal, and the most common route is from St. John’s, the capital city of Newfoundland. The good news is that these are almost always direct flights and are a lot more economical than short flights on the mainland tend to be.

Weather in this part of the world can be harsh in the winter, with freezing rain, high winds, and snowstorms. This is especially true of the airports on St. Pierre and Miquelon, which are too small to host larger aircraft that can handle the harsher weather. Be prepared for delays or other changes if you’re flying between November and May. Since the only way to reach Miquelon is via St. Pierre, your flight from the mainland will be arriving at FSP. There are regular flights to MQC from here, and if you have some time and a penchant for scenery, there’s also ferry service.

What to see and do in St. Pierre and Miquelon

’Je suis attaché a mon caillou.’ The unofficial motto of the islands, translated as “I’m attached to my pebble.” The culture here is fiercely independent but also relaxed, almost resigned to their inherent smallness but proud of their resilience. Travelers in the know appreciate St. Pierre and Miquelon as a combination of French ethnicity and East Coast fishing village without any of the pretensions that tend to flourish in the mother country. Here are a few reasons to experience this unique stepping stone of history.

  • Nordic atmosphere. The cool, clean air is almost totally unpolluted, and the sweeping vistas are ideal for wildlife viewing, photography, or just enjoying the pure environment.
  • Festivals. This is when you can experience the real melting pot of culture that makes this region special. Celebrate Bastille Day, enjoy a special holiday dedicated to seafood, or immerse yourself in a presentation of Basque culture, which is credited with giving Miquelon its name.
  • Cuisine. Combine the foodie cultures of France, French Canada, and the Canadian Maritime provinces and you have a sumptuous feast that includes refined drinks and dessert.
  • Maritime history. Jacques Cartier, a French explorer that any child in a Canadian grade school can tell you about, appears frequently in local iconography. The era of exploration and tall ships still features prominently in regional culture and is commemorated in murals, museums, and monuments.

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