Cheap Flights to Egypt

Cheap Flights to Egypt

Long before there was such a thing as tourism, Egypt's pyramids brought in emperors from as far away as Rome and Greece with their wondrous scale. Egypt has even attracted tourism of a different kind since times immemorial -- the invading armies of foreign powers arriving for the gold and the precious stones buried in these towering tombs.

Today, all these millennia later, Egypt still has it, pulling in tourists in their millions for a different kind of treasure -- the wonderful attractions of this land. While the pyramids still are the symbol of Egypt, the grandeur of Cairo's mosques, the Middle Eastern souks, the mysterious forts and prehistoric rock art of the desert, and the Nubian and Bedouin desert tribes of the Nile, all present a picture of an irresistibly enigmatic country. Egypt, after thousands of years, is still a haunting feature in most imaginations.

The right time to explore the wonders of Egypt

Winter, which runs from October to February, offers the most pleasant weather for sightseeing activity. Being desert country, northern Africa does quickly heat up in summer. When the mercury begins to rise in spring, the heat can be so intolerable, anyone who can leaves Cairo for the cooler coastal areas around Alexandria.

Some people like to arrive during the scorching month of June to witness the month-long festivities of Ramadan. While sightseeing isn't easy at this time of daylong fasts, the festivities at night do make up for any hardships experienced.

If you're traveling in winter, as you really should, you'll find that tourism machinery is primed and in peak form. You'll find plenty of guides, activities and other facilities. Since it can get crowded around this time of the year, it can make sense to make your flight and hotel reservations well in advance with a tool like Skyscanner.

Canadians do need to plan in advance to apply for a visa as well.

Where do you go and what you do in Egypt?

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is a vast, heaving metropolis that offers every variety of sensory challenge that tourists from the West could hope for. With skyscrapers next to centuries-old mosques, luxury cars vying for space on the city's modern streets next to donkey carts, young, modern people walking next to people who could have stepped out of the pharaonic times, and the world-famous bazaars and souks with their warrens of crowded lanes, the city endlessly entertains.

There's a lot more to do, of course; the chief attractions of Egypt lie outside of the urban areas. Without a doubt, you'll want to try a cruise along the Nile to take in the majesty of the ancient landscape, visit the town of Luxor with its Necropolis and Karnak temples, the Valley of the Kings, the Aswan dam and the iconic sights of Abu Simbel and the Philae Temple of Isis (memorialized in the Indiana Jones series).

When you've hit the pyramids and the other must-see attractions, there is still so much to the country to take in. Not many tourists hang around long enough to go scuba diving into the Mediterranean off the coast of Alexandria to swim among the impenetrable sunken cities under the waters, for example. Many even neglect to take into awe-inspiring sight of the Suez.

Take as long as you need

Egypt is vast and varied enough to warrant several visits. You could dedicate a visit to the tribal cultures of the country, for example, or one to explore the Nile Delta, home to a number of religious can probably afford it, too. Skyscanner calls Egypt one of the best bargain destinations of 2017.

Egypt belongs on many a bucket list for a reason. When you come here, you'll know why what it is about this ancient land that makes it a draw, thousands of years after it rose from the sands.

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