Cheap Flights to Cyprus

Cheap Flights to Cyprus

Cyprus, the little island country in the Mediterranean at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, has drawn travelers for centuries for its deep, aquamarine waters, the powdery sands of its beaches, the balmy year-round climate, and its feel-good culture of cozy villages, rustic architecture, delicious cuisine, friendly taverns, idyllic vineyards and peaceful monasteries. These days, luxury resorts, spas and high-voltage nightlife are reasons why tourists from all three continents come here, as well. They love the laid-back atmosphere, and the warm welcome of native Cypriots.

Essential information on traveling to Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus, a member of the European Union is a curious country. It is inhabited both by people of Turkish and Greek descents, something that gives both Greece and Turkey a reason to be interested. In 1974, the country saw a military coup sponsored by Greece, an action that precipitated military action by Turkey in response. The result was occupation and partitioning by Turkey. The country has claimed the northern half as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and is considered an aggressor by the EU.

When you travel to Cyprus today, you'll notice that the southern half tends to feel Greek. It is modern, full of shopping, dining and nightlife; the north, on the other hand, tends to feel ancient, underdeveloped and rustic. Your Euros aren't accepted there, either; you need to change to the Turkish Lira. With a taxi, you can't drive all over the country; you switch cars when you cross the border. You need a separate visa for the North; it's issued easily at the border, however, as a separate document, rather than a sticker on your passport.

As a popular holiday destination among the people of three continents, Cyprus has a thriving tourism industry. Unfortunately, this means that it gets crowded. The high season, which falls between June and August (and on any public holiday), results in more costly airline tickets and hotel prices.

If you're interested in plenty of outdoor activities, you should simply choose any time between November and May. The weather tends to be cool enough, the skiing resorts open up in the Troödos mountains, and there are no crowds. In spring, Cyprus bursts into colorful blooms, making it a wonderful time to visit, as well. Whenever you decide to come, a tool like Skyscanner can help you identify the most competitive prices.

Finding wonderful things to do around Cyprus

While the beaches of Cyprus are the number one reason tourists choose to come here, Cyprus also has a great ski resort in the mountains of Troödos. Eight months of the year, when it gets too warm down by the beaches, all you need to do is to drive up the mountain. It can be disorienting to see all the powder snow in a country that you mostly associate with powdery sand, but the skiing can be great fun.

There is a lot to do in each one of six districts of Cyprus. The southern half of the country has the Paphos archaeological site, the Tomb of Kings, Kiniras Garden and more opportunities for dining and nightlife than you might be able to explore in a month.

You should check out Northern Cyprus, as well. The sunset at the harbor, the great museum of waxworks at Kyrenia Castle and a day spent trekking up the Kyrenium mountain are all bound to be great fun.

The appeal of Cyprus has endured for centuries. The wonderful contrasts of this genuinely beautiful and enigmatic land deserve exploration. Taking a few days off to spend in Cyprus can be an enriching experience.

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