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Located on the north bank of the Rio Grande, the city of Laredo is the third most populated city along the US-Mexico border. It’s also the country’s largest inland border crossing, not a surprise given it’s one of the oldest border crossings from Mexico. From museums to a hot nightlife …

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Things to see and do in Laredo

Steve DeAngelo | Trip by SkyscannerA City is Born
A City is Born
Steve DeAngelo | Trip by SkyscannerSamuel M. Jarvis Veterans Memorial Plaza
Samuel M. Jarvis Veterans Memorial Plaza
Steve DeAngelo | Trip by SkyscannerPlaza Theater
Plaza Theater
Steve DeAngelo | Trip by SkyscannerSaint Peter the Apostle Catholic Church
Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic Church
Steve DeAngelo | Trip by SkyscannerSan Agustin Catholic Cathedral
San Agustin Catholic Cathedral
Steve DeAngelo | Trip by SkyscannerThe Republic of the Rio Grande Museum
The Republic of the Rio Grande Museum

Reviews of Laredo

RedSox02Laredo, Texas

I was born, raised and lived most of my life here in Laredo. It hasn't changed a bit just a few restaurants and parks. The only problem there's not enough places to have fun. Lake Casa Blanca don't forget to wear shoes because in the lake there's a lot of glass broken bottles everywhere. Laredo it's not going nowhere they spend millions of dollars for what the majority of things are closing down and not good enough to have. I prefer how Laredo was in the 90's but the other problem Nuevo Laredo people are starting to move over here and they don't drive right. It's really horrible and they are getting easy things like food stamps, the mall gets too crowded just for the sales, scholarships, more bullying, the gay word started in the 2015's, etc. It's going chaos and hasn't change a bit. Do I like it, nope.

Steve DeAngelo
Steve DeAngeloCocoa, Florida

Laredo was founded by the Spanish explorer, Pedro Sanchez, in 1755. It has the distinction in Texas of having served under seven flags. At one time Laredo was an independent republic called the Republic of the Rio Grande. The people in Laredo were loyal to the 1824 Mexican Constitution that General/President Santa Anna had trashed. The people then rose against Santa Anna, declaring themselves an independent Republic. The Mexican Army attacked Laredo and destroyed the Republic of the Rio Grande.

Jennifer Cook
Jennifer CookRomulus, Michigan, USA

lived here when i was small now drug cartell property!!

Terri Valentine
Terri ValentineElizabethtown, Kentucky

Hot. Hot. Hot.

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