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Warner Bros. fans may recall Bugs Bunny's "left toin at Albakoikee" schtick when thinking of Albuquerque, but would do well to stop over for a few days as well. This quickly growing city is New Mexico's main metropolis, but features a diverse population centered around its core Hispanic settlement, and …

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Things to see and do in Albuquerque

Steve Baumgartner | Trip by SkyscannerAlbuquerque Old Town
Albuquerque Old Town
Tracy C | Trip by SkyscannerSandia Peak Tramway
Sandia Peak Tramway
Bailey K. | Trip by SkyscannerAlbuquerque Hot Air Balloons -- CLOSED
Albuquerque Hot Air Balloons -- CLOSED
Bailey K. | Trip by SkyscannerAlbuquerque Biological Park
Albuquerque Biological Park
maximalideal | FlickrAlbuquerque Museum
Albuquerque Museum
Dotty & Don Clark | Trip by SkyscannerBalloon Fiesta Park
Balloon Fiesta Park
Steve Baumgartner | Trip by SkyscannerPetroglyph National Monument
Petroglyph National Monument
jedfrechette | FlickrRio Grande Nature Center
Rio Grande Nature Center
Dave McCormack | Trip by SkyscannerNob Hill
Nob Hill
Nicolle And Robert P | Trip by SkyscannerIndian Pueblo Cultural Center
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Reviews of Albuquerque

Lizzie Tillery
Lizzie TilleryOverland Park

This city is one of my favorite across the nation. The homes are different looking than any other place in the US and you’re living in a city just below a huge mountain that sits right at the edge of town. The sunsets and sunrises are incredible as you can imagine it being the land of enchantment and shopping is great too! The art and history are incredible so make sure and explore downtown as well. There’s plenty of places to stay and there’s a lot to do. You can even drive up to the top of the mountain and overlook all of abq or watch the sunrise up there. Wherever you go just remember you’re in the desert so it will get chilly at night! It’s also not a crazy expensive city.

@WayneAtherholtSt. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Very nice town with some cool districts. We drove the Route 66 portion of town and it is great. Lots to see. Plenty to stop and do.

Shelli P
Shelli PRio Rancho

Have lived here all my life and I don't mind it.. downtown is a great place to check out.Old town is fun as well.

7 of 9
7 of 9Atlanta, Georgia

Surprised to see snow in this part of the world. This view from 10,000 feet above it made me want to go snowboarding or hiking.

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