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United Kingdom
The historic city of Southampton is fast becoming one of the most popular leisure and cultural destinations in the south of England. Its appeal lies in its diverse nightlife, superb heritage attractions and the excitement and charm of a bustling waterfront location. Southampton has been a settlement since Roman times …

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Ben Sutherland | FlickrSt Mary's Stadium
St Mary's Stadium
tico_24 | FlickrLongdown Activity Farm
Longdown Activity Farm

Reviews of Southampton

Lise anonymous
Lise anonymous

Go look at the medieval walls. I would have missed this city if my boyfriend didn't live there. It's not a major destination, but it's still nice.

D'Maris Coffman
D'Maris CoffmanLondon, UK

Not sure why it has got such a bad rap on this site. Sure, it's not Winchester, but it is a charming city on the coast with an excellent university and an interesting historic district. Not drab or grey at all on a summer day.

Vasiliki Sfendouraki
Vasiliki SfendourakiBournemouth, United Kingdom

Interesting city, as you can discover lots of ruins such as the walls or the gate just by walking around. Also has a few malls for those interested in shopping. But personally I don't find it beautiful as it does have a very grey look, both the sea and the sky. It is very industrialised. I believe a day is more than enough to spend in this city.

rk doty
rk doty

Impossible. Spent many minutes figuring out how to create a trip ( finding the + sign). Many minutes more attempting unsuccessfully to add stops to a trip. Failure.

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