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Dreaming of a vacation in Taiwan? Look no further than Tainan. It has something for everyone including Tainan Confucious Temple and Dongyue Temple. Even better, vacations to Tainan don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving you …

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Things to see and do in Tainan

Claire Wu | Trip by SkyscannerTainan Confucious Temple
Tainan Confucious Temple
Noel Lau | Trip by SkyscannerDongyue Temple
Dongyue Temple
Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerChihkan Tower
Chihkan Tower
Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerTiantan Temple
Tiantan Temple
Noel Lau | Trip by SkyscannerAnping Old Fort
Anping Old Fort
Noel Lau | Trip by SkyscannerGrand Matzu Temple 大天后宮(寧靖王府邸)
Grand Matzu Temple 大天后宮(寧靖王府邸)
Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerGreat South Gate of Taiwan Fucheng
Great South Gate of Taiwan Fucheng
Noel Lau | Trip by SkyscannerShennong Street (神農街)
Shennong Street (神農街)
Noel Lau | Trip by SkyscannerGod of War Temple (祀典武廟)
God of War Temple (祀典武廟)
Noel Lau | Trip by SkyscannerConfucius Temple Shopping District 孔庙商圈
Confucius Temple Shopping District 孔庙商圈

Reviews of Tainan

Noel Lau
Noel LauMadrid, Spain

My favourite city in Taiwan. Tainan is the former capital and the oldest city in Taiwan. It's a sprawling metropolitan city, but underneath it's modern appearance is an old, atmospheric, and traditional soul; More people go to the temples than they do cinemas. Tainan is also the food heaven in Taiwan, and it's famous for its snacks. The people in Tainan are also friendlier and hospitable.

Stephen Bugno
Stephen BugnoAnchorage, Alaska, USA

Tainan is a city of temples. Not just for show, these are living temples with a constant flow of worshipers throughout the day. It is also the old capital of Taiwan. There are a smattering of historic sights here for the tourist--enough to merit two full days of exploring. It's also a big foodie town, so in between temples, dig into a bowl of something delicious.

Keira Ting Chun Yeh
Keira Ting Chun Yeh

Taiwan is not just about Taipei. Want to find the authentic Taiwan instead of another Asian metropolis like Hong Kong or Singapore, then come to Tainan. Tainan is the oldest city, the cultural capital, and the culinary center of Taiwan, a small city with laid back atmosphere and urban convenience. Tainan is a must go destination when you visit Taiwan only 2 hours away from Taipei by high speed rail.

Leow Cheng Lam
Leow Cheng LamKlang, Malaysia

When we visit Tainan, we found the city looks old and the transport not in order. My son had stayed here four years and he took us to search Tainan food.'Zhenzu Milk Tea' is so delicious but better not to drink a lot because it is too sweet.

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