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Dreaming of a vacation in Switzerland? Look no further than Lugano. It has something for everyone including Lake Lugano and Monte Brè. Even better, vacations to Lugano don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving you with …

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Things to see and do in Lugano

Travis Katz | Trip by SkyscannerLake Lugano
Lake Lugano
Chiara Assi | Trip by SkyscannerMonte Brè
Monte Brè
Francesco P | Trip by SkyscannerVilla Ciani
Villa Ciani
Jaak Treiman | Trip by SkyscannerLugano Cathedral
Lugano Cathedral
ClaudioSe | Trip by SkyscannerPalazzo dei Congressi
Palazzo dei Congressi
Jaak Treiman | Trip by SkyscannerMuseo d'Arte moderna Villa Malpensata
Museo d'Arte moderna Villa Malpensata
ClaudioSe | Trip by SkyscannerMuseo Cantonale di storia naturale
Museo Cantonale di storia naturale
ClaudioSe | Trip by SkyscannerSanta Maria degli Angioli
Santa Maria degli Angioli

Reviews of Lugano

ClaudioSeMilano, Italia

Lugano and his Lake are the Swiss answer to Lake Como. Indeed the landscape is almost identical, but being in Switzerland, there is more wealth spread in the Ticino pearl. The natural beauty is punctuated by stylish buildings and a great always evolving offer of traditional grottos and hipster bars. And on top of that, the area is blessed with a microclimate that guarantees 300+ sunny days a year.

Jaak Treiman
Jaak TreimanLos Angeles, California, USA

Not really Swiss; not really Italian. Lugano is a hybrid, difficult to categorize. Much of the city is built on hillsides so there are lots of steps to climb. Fortunately, funiculars are also strategically placed. Another place to explore and wait for serendipity to strike.

NallyNew York City, New York State, USA

Lugano is a little bit Swiss and a little big Italian. It's also a large banking center. Ferries depart regularly for tours around the lake. Pop-up bars and restaurants line the waterfront. And the views are amazing.

Kate Petty
Kate Petty

Lugano is a very quiet town in the already (relatively) quiet country of Switzerland. There are only a couple of noteworthy nightclubs and one notable casino. The area is very beautiful though, and there are several great hiking opportunities within an hour of the city.

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