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Tauranga sits at the northwestern corner of the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand and is the area’s most populous city. It’s a center of business, acting as the country’s most active port in terms of exports. Not surprisingly, the city offers a great variety of shops, restaurants and …

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Selina Dijkstra
Selina Dijkstra

I have lived in Tauranga for a while and the people are friendly. Lots of Indians in Tauranga but I’ve become friends with an Indian girl and she was lovely. They have a good Indian restaurant there. You can go to the beach (25 min by bicycle but there’s lots of busses around too). They’ve got a shopping centre (Bayfaire). In the heart of Tauranga there’s an art museum which had an artsy piano out during the day (this was 2015, so not sure if they still do). Lots of restaurants and bars (the nightlife is just a bit quiet that’s all). I just love Tauranga so much and would love to go back there. Made some friends there too. The people are easy going.

Leigh Virkus
Leigh VirkusPittsford (town), New York

Tauranga is the principal city in the Bay of Plenty region. It is known as one of the sunniest areas in New Zealand. We were here on a cruise and found the area near the port to be very attractive with lots of contemporary, high-end houses. The city has art galleries, a variety of restaurants and historic sights from the 1800's. However, we used our visit here as a base for exploring famous attractions outside Tauranga.

Hannah Waines
Hannah WainesTauranga, New Zealand

Tauranga is my city of residence now, I love it! Never thought I'd like living in a city, but this one doesn't feel as big and imposing. The bus service is decent and most main streets have bicycle lanes, making getting around more eco-friendly. There's lots to do as well; art exhibitions to see, board walks and paths to enjoy, group activities for families, children and seniors, the sport stadium, movie and dramatic theaters. All the things you'd expect a city to have.

Sarah Whitaker
Sarah WhitakerTauranga, New Zealand

Tauranga is a city in the North Island of New Zealand. Come and enjoy our beautiful city, have dinner on The Strand over looking the harbour. Or head on over to the Mt and soak up the sun and surf.

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