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Tangier, Morocco, is an exotic mix of North African, Spanish and French influences, which resulted in years as a chaotic city under joint international control (until the 1950s) and a conglomeration of expats and refugees. Tangier was also one of the world's first gay resorts, a favourite of playwright Tennessee …

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Ahmed Belhaj | Trip by SkyscannerTangier
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerMedina
Samuel Saidel-Goley | Trip by SkyscannerJebel Kebir
Jebel Kebir
Samuel Saidel-Goley | Trip by SkyscannerKasbah
andre.wojtowicz | FlickrPlace Petit Socco
Place Petit Socco
Samuel Saidel-Goley | Trip by SkyscannerGare Maritime
Gare Maritime
Teresa | Trip by SkyscannerOld American Legation Museum
Old American Legation Museum
brandonprinceabroad | FlickrTangier beach
Tangier beach
Teresa | Trip by SkyscannerHercules Caves
Hercules Caves
Honanii | Trip by SkyscannerRoyal Club Équestre du Détroit
Royal Club Équestre du Détroit

Reviews of Tangier

Lor Lor
Lor Lor

I had a good time however you should be careful with people. Most businesses try to cheat on the money and payments. Watch out

geminitravellerQuezon City, Philippines

Tangier is a lively city with mixed cultural heritage due to its proximity to Europe. It is the gateway to Morocco and to Africa since it's just a short ferry ride from Spain. It is bounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. The port though is not for those with heavy luggages or for the physically challenged as there are no elevators or escalators.

Chris Jepson
Chris JepsonVirginia, Minnesota, USA

If I were to give a star for all the best experiences in Morocco that Aziz Tours arranged & provided, I’d have to give more than five but here are some of the areas in which the company excelled. Our guide: energetic, knowledgeable, entertaining, a real mensch. Sidi-Baba, provided a wealth of information on the history of Tangier, the various sites we saw, and past and current challenges that Morocco is facing. As you engage in converstaion with Sidi-Baba, you realize that there is no topic that his mind hasn’t embraced. He is a travel guide sent from sky! Special events: I celebrated my birthday in Tangier and told AzizTours that I wanted to do something memorable, Sidi, made sure that these were addressed. Planning and execution: AzizTours email: aziztour@gmail.com planned a customized itinerary with us, one that was executed seamlessly and comfortably (thanks largely to Sidi-Baba’s spacious van and excellent shock absorbers and to Sidi’s ability to anticipate and circumvent traffic). All of the details that can make or break a trip were meticulously thought out!

Susan Bart
Susan BartBoston, Massachusetts, USA

our private guide Jamal in Tangier-Morocco arranged by Meriam by email: Tangiertour@gmail.com was a fun, friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating guide for our party of four. He volunteered to pre-purchase our ferry tickets which was very helpful. He met us at the ferry terminal and shuttled us to all of the best sites in the Tangier area. We got a real feel for the city; we visited the Cave of Hercules and the point where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. We had a full and fulfilling day!!! We give Jamal the highest reviews! He was super while we were with him and also very responsive and helpful while making the arrangements. A guide is a must while visiting Tangier and Jamal is the best!

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