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Beirut, Lebanon's capital and largest city was at one time referred to as the Paris of the East. It's sleek, modern buildings alongside arabesque Ottoman buildings, give Beirut a unique and distinctive style often not seen in other Middle Eastern cities. After the country fell into a destructive civil war …

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Things to see and do in Beirut

Mary P Madigan | FlickrABC Mall Achrafieh
ABC Mall Achrafieh
Lolinka | FlickrHamra Street
Hamra Street
abdallahh | FlickrZaitunay Bay
Zaitunay Bay
Francisco Anzola | FlickrThe Corniche (Beirut)
The Corniche (Beirut)
CazzJj | FlickrZaitunay Bay
Zaitunay Bay
Jimmy Nadēr | Trip by SkyscannerSKYBAR Beirut
davehighbury | FlickrAnjar
Lara Nassar | Trip by SkyscannerAkkar
Salman Hatta | Trip by SkyscannerPigeon Rocks
Pigeon Rocks

Reviews of Beirut

Junaid Qureshi
Junaid Qureshi

The ambience of the place was vibrant, energetic & colourful. There are many things to do, from visiting historic ruins, tours of the majestic Mosques & Churches, walk along the coast, as well tasting the fresh produce. Definitely visiting, again.

Z Zaour
Z Zaour

Nice food, friendly people, cheap, luxury, nice sea view, international, culture.


I loved Beirut! I’d recommend anyone taking a trip to it for a short getaway; it’s beautiful, lots of sights seeing, lots of fun activities to do AND their entertainment scene is ASTONISHING!

O. Hamzeh
O. Hamzeh

Deep search where you should go and you'll have the time of your life! It's always helpful to be friends with locals there, they will take you to much better places than what's recommend on the internet.