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Miyako Islands
Dreaming of a vacation in Miyako Islands? Look no further than Miyako Jima. It has something for everyone including Yonaha Maehama Beach (前浜ビーチ ) and Sunayama Beach (砂山ビーチ). Even better, vacations to Miyako Jima don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you …

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Things to see and do in Miyako Jima

kozue | Trip by SkyscannerYonaha Maehama Beach (前浜ビーチ )
Yonaha Maehama Beach (前浜ビーチ )
Yuki Kobayashi | Trip by SkyscannerSunayama Beach (砂山ビーチ)
Sunayama Beach (砂山ビーチ)
Yumi Nanya | Trip by SkyscannerRyuuguujo Observation Deck (竜宮城展望台)
Ryuuguujo Observation Deck (竜宮城展望台)
Yuki Kobayashi | Trip by SkyscannerHigashi-hennazaki (東平安名崎)
Higashi-hennazaki (東平安名崎)
mihorin | Trip by SkyscannerIrabu Bridge (伊良部大橋)
Irabu Bridge (伊良部大橋)
mihorin | Trip by SkyscannerFarm Shop Utopia Farm Miyakojima (ユートピアファーム宮古島)
Farm Shop Utopia Farm Miyakojima (ユートピアファーム宮古島)
みぃ | Trip by SkyscannerToriike Pond (通り池)
Toriike Pond (通り池)
mihorin | Trip by SkyscannerNishihenna Cape (西平安名岬)
Nishihenna Cape (西平安名岬)
Yuki Kobayashi | Trip by SkyscannerPumpkin Hall (パンプキンホール)
Pumpkin Hall (パンプキンホール)
AKI DATE | Trip by SkyscannerAragusuku Beach (新城海岸)
Aragusuku Beach (新城海岸)

Reviews of Miyako Jima

ClaudioSeMilano, Italia

Someone says Miyako is the best kept secret in Japan, so even if I lived there two months, I pretend now it's nothing special

Yu Miyata
Yu Miyataasakusa,japan

miyako is so realy natural. slow times take me far awaw from hustle and bustle.

Nate Moore
Nate MooreNeuchatel, Switzerland

This is a wonderfully sleepy, tropical corner of Japan. The beaches and cliffs are spectacular, access is easy, and we found everyone to be amazingly friendly. It's small enough that the airport takes up a fairly large portion of the island, but large enough for some very quiet corners and deserted beaches. We found getting around on public transportation easy, though you had to be patient. Highly recommended.

Pompom Tri-arun
Pompom Tri-arunShiki-shi, Saitama, Japan

Love star-like sand & white beaches there!

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